Storage Solutions that Will Protect the Investments in Your Home

Do you have extra belongings you can’t give away but just don’t have room for in your home? Do you have valuables items thrown about in plain view? Many home owners find themselves parking in the driveway or on the street so that they can use their garage as a storage unit. This only leads to early mornings scraping frost off windows. If you don’t know what to do with your extra stuff, there are many different secure options.

Storage Solutions that Will Protect the Investments in Your Home

Use a safe for dangerous or important documents.

A safe, preferably located within your bedroom, can be used to store items such as a gun or personal documents like passports, social security cards or birth certificates. You should always store items like guns in an area where children cannot access them and copies of personal documents should also be retained and kept in a separate location. A large and secure safe is a great way to ensure your most valuable or personal items are untouched in case of a robbery. There are also fireproof safes that will keep your most prized possessions in tact even in the extreme case that you home burns down.


Storage Sheds

Plastic storage sheds are the ideal solution for those that have small items such as tools that they want to store outside. Rubbermaid storage sheds — or similar — will not rust if they are exposed to the elements and can be locked to keep your items safe. For bigger storage options, you can purchase wooden sheds to place in your backyard. You can keep anything from lawn mowers, to plastic bins of old children’s clothes, to your unneeded exercise equipment in these. These sheds can easily be locked with a secure storage lock.


Use a SlipTube storage shelter for larger items, such as boats, pools and unused automobiles.

You should never leave larger items out in the elements, but it can be difficult to offer garage space to them. Instead, set up a simple and easily customized Slip Tube shelter or shed from Slip Tube Enterprises Ltd to ensure that these items are kept safe. Don’t forget to properly prep your large items for storage before placing them away; fluids should always be drained and the items themselves should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that there is no damage to the surfaces over time.


Under bed drawers.

Consider using locking, slide-in drawers underneath your bed for easy access to items that you might need but still want to keep safe. This is a great place to put expensive shoes, designer bags and other items that you want to keep safe from children or pets. Under bed storage is a great way to make use of space you otherwise would never use.


Wall safes.

A wall safe is an excellent built-in solution for those that have particularly expensive items, such as antique jewelry. Unlike a portable safe, a wall-safe cannot be taken during a robbery. Portable briefcase-style safes may have very good locks, but they still may be picked up and absconded with. Choose a fireproof version so that you are protected in any case, not just a burlary.


Protecting your investments doesn’t only mean protecting items that are high in material value. You may also want to protect precious items, such as the crafts that your child have made for you and photographs that simply cannot be replaced. These items, too, can be stored within safes and locked storage units. Remember, home insurance will replace most of the items in your home after a tragedy, but there are certain items that are one of kind, antique, or irreplaceable. Do what you can to protect these items so that they will be around for future generations to enjoy.

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