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PODS is one of the most well known portable storage unit services around.  PODS stands for portable on-demand storage and is one of the original portable storage unit companies.  While they are still considered to be a leader in their industry, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider.  Everyone has their own unique needs, so it is impossible for one option to the best fit for everyone.  Here is a quick PODS review to help you decide whether or not they are right for you.

PODS Overview

PODS storage containers allow you to replace the need for both storage companies as well as moving companies.  You can either use a PODS container for long term storage, which is anything stored longer than one month, or use one instead of renting a moving truck.  You are not responsible for any of the transportation as they will pick up and drop off everything for you.  There are several sizes of PODS containers available and they range from holding 1-2 rooms to 3-4 rooms-worth of stuff.  They are rented out on a monthly basis, which means that if you are moving, you don’t have to rush.  PODS will also take care of the pickup and delivery of the storage container as well.

Benefits of Using PODS Containers

1.    Convenient
One of the biggest reasons that people use PODS is that it offers a much easier and more convenient solution than either stand alone storage units or moving services.  Not only do you get the storage container dropped off in front of your residence, but they also transport it and remove it for you.  If you use them to move, you can stretch the process out over a month rather than a day or two.  One of the most stressful parts of moving is trying to complete everything before you have to return the rental truck by giving you a large window to complete everything.

2.    Less Responsibility
If there is one thing that most people hate about moving, it is the stress involved.  It seems like a lot needs to be done in such a short amount of time.  Along with loading and unloading your rental truck, you also have to pick it up, drop it off, and keep it clean.  Plus, if you are not comfortable with driving a large truck, then it can be the most stressful part of it all.

Potential Drawbacks of Using PODS

In general, there are two potential drawbacks to using PODS containers for moving, storage, or both.  The first is that the storage containers can get bent or broken, which can damage your property.  This is because they are not made out of steel like some of the other companies in the industry.  While this isn’t inherently a problem, it is something to consider.  The other potential drawback is that you may get charged additional fees.  Keep in mind while that all of their fees are clearly stated, a lot of people simply overlook them and are then surprised by them later.

PODS Review

Overall, PODS seems to be well regarded within the industry and is definitely one of the most widely used container companies.  They offer a convenient solution that eliminates a lot of the common stressors of moving.  At the same time, it is one of the more expensive options on the market.  It can be a great solution as long as it can meet your needs.

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6 thoughts on “PODS Review”

  1. Others have gotten quotes from Pods and say they cost too much. I feel that Pods is excellent company but are perhaps targeting richer clients such as companies that want to remodel their facilities and just put everything in a Pods unit in the parking lot. Military and government customers responding to disasters such as hurricanes are also big on their list. Some say it’s too risky to put your stuff in a Pod and send it cross country, but I dont think so because Pods told me that they use air-ride trailers and have insurance just like any other moving company.

    People posting online love to post complaints about Pods but my experience with them was great. Yes they charge a bit more than DIY truck rentals etc but they do have a lot of advantages. It’s up to you to decide if the conveniences are worth the money. For me they were.

  2. I would HIGHLY encourage ANYONE that is going to be needing moving to under NO circumstances to use this company for your moving needs, as we are currently experiencing the worst moving nightmare ever. We purchased a home back in June and after reading the reviews we felt PODS would be our best option as once you can load it at your convenience. The way the company works is they charge you an initial POD monthly fee, ours was $274.64, this fee gives you usage of the Pod for one month. During this month you load the POD then call them or go online to schedule your Pod to be moved to your new location, then they charge you a fee to move the pod to your new location, our fee was $203.29 this includes fuel and the 44 mile drive. During this month rental of your Pod you have one month to load your POD, schedule a delivery date to your new home, unload the POD then schedule a date for the POD to be picked up and if you DO NOT have the POD removed off your property ( removal price was$89.99) during this initial month rental you will automatically be charged another months rental. This shouldnt be a big issue BUT unlike the TV commercials and online ads, unless you can schedule your final POD move 2-3 weeks in advance you are out of luck and will be charged another month, as PODS will ensure there are no available move dates until you have to pay for an extra month. We used this service to move our belongings out of our garage which took a 15 foot pod and everything went fairly fairly smooth with the exception of the difficulty of a Pod moving date. So we then had the POD moved back to our old residence to load the items out of our home, this is when things really went downhill fast. The Pod sat for two weeks empty at my new home because PODS didn’t have an available date to move it, then on the day it was scheduled to be moved back to my old home to load again, the driver left me a voicemail stating he was picking the pod up from my new home. AFTER 4 pm that day I had no POD at my old house ( it had been scheduled from 12-4) so I called the driver back, he had taken my POD (that I had already been charged for) back to the POD storage place!! He did say he would go get it and after 5 minutes of explaining exactly where to put it, it was placed in the wrong place I was not home when it was delivered, this was July 5th, Ok accidents happen I thought so I disregarded this and focused on moving. I learned from the first move to call WAY in advance to schedule another move, so I immediately called PODS and was told July 16th was available so I booked it. On July 15th I noticed at 11 am $89.99 was taken out of my bank account, I did the online chat in an attempt to verify that my move was still on for the next day, which this rep stated a supervisor would email me an answer… today is July 17th, still havent heard anything from JOHN the supervisor. I then called PODS to see why this amount was charged as this was not the quoted price to have my fully loaded POD taken to my new home. I was told by a rude cust. serv. rep that this was the price for my FINAL PICKUP, I tried to explain to her that it was not final as it was loaded not empty, this entire conversation went nowhere except that I was not gonna have my POD taken to my new location, I asked to be transferred o a supervisor only to be told by this rep, she had no supervisor, I told her unless she was the CEO that she did have a supervisor. After being on this call for over 40 minutes with this rep also having the gall to tell me I needed to be quiet and listen to her, she FINALLY transferred me to a manager named MIchelle. Michelle was very pleasant and genuinely wanted to help, but just like JOHN, she was going to call me back or email me , and I am still waiting for that email as well. Saturday morning came and I called PODS first thing and spoke to a very nice man named Max went above and beyond to try to get my POD moved to my new home, but he was told the problem was it would be a 44 mile drive for a drive. He eventually transferred me to a supervisor to discuss this mess with who also tried to help but couldn’t he did offer a $50.00 credit to my account for this error,it has yet to show on my account so I am not gonna hold my breath. He broke the news to me that my POD that was scheduled for July 16th, will now be delivered on the 19th. I have forgot to mention this pod has all my families clothes on it, stove, refrigerator, wash & dryer, all furniture, so we all have maybe 2 changes of clothes to our name until PODS decide to bring our POD to us. To put the icing on this cake, after all this mess yesterday the PODS driver called me from my old driveway where this POD full of my stuff is sitting telling me he is sitting in my old driveway looking at my POD wondering why it is full and has a lock on it, I proceeded to tell him about PODS negligence and that was why my POD was still there, he was beyond sympathetic and stated if they hadn’t booked him until 5 he would have gladly drove my POD to me.During his and my conversation someone beeped in my phone and left a voicemail after hanging up with Dan the driver, I listened to a RUDE msg from a warehouse manager named BRIAN stating his driver was at my house and there was a lock on the pod and if I didn’t call him back he was just gonna take the POD to storage and I could have it moved from there!! SO … as I sit in a lawn chair inside my new home with one of my two changes of clothes on, I am waiting to see if PODS decides to bring me their POD full of belongings as they scheduled. DId I mention that I had already paid a moving crew to unload my POD yesterday???? No refunds now I can either hire them again or hope like heck I can get it unloaded before I have to pay another months rent, I am POSITIVE PODS will not have an available date before Aug3rd though which is my deadline….I need to also mention I just looked at my PODS account and they also ILLEGALLY WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION used a Credit Card that IS NOT my primary card to pay for the move that is scheduled for this Tuesday! I used this CC one time to pay for a pick up I specifically told them then it was NOT to be used ANY other time! PODS took it upon themself to use this card again, I just hung up with a customer service rep named Mike that was in shock and even stated this was not right, but billing was not in until Monday and this would be something to discuss with them! I would also like to mention I have requested some form of compensation only to be told no one has the authority to do this. I truly just want to get this nightmare over with and never see or hear the word PODS again, Since PODS refuse to make THEIR wrongs right, I am making a copy of this post and will post it on EVERY review site I can possibly find as well as the BBB. This is one shady company that financially manipulates schedules and orders in order to line their pockets. And god forbid you have to speak with customer service, prepare yourself to be disrespected and you will end the call with no resolution, its PODS way or the highway, they know they are in control as they either have a POD full or your stuff or they make the schedule and tell you when they will get the POD off your property, sofinancially you are at their beck and cal. SO please please DO NOT become a victim of this companies shenanigans, and as I stated word of mouth is always best and If I can post this on every site possible I will in order to prevent anyone else from being screwed over!! After todays illegal use of a Credit Card, I will be seeking Legal advice and representation in this matter!

  3. I booked a pods unit on their website from January to April. I went with PODS because of the convenience of it being delivered to my home and being able to load it when I’m ready. Then you call them back and they come and pick it up to store it. My interactions throughout the process were good. I had to call them on the phone a couple of times and their representative was friendly enough. The only issue that I dealt with was the payment process. I initially used one credit card for the first payment, then I wanted to use another one for future payments. So, the creditk card that they had on file was no longer active. Other than that, everything was good throughout the whole process.

    I rented the largest storage container pods had for all the stuff I needed to store. Pods delivered the unit exactly when they said they would. And whenever I asked them to pick it up, they did that as described also. And when I asked for them to deliver it to my new home, they did it and they picked it up the next day. Everything was right on point in terms of scheduling. On the whole, everything was pretty seamless.

  4. I saw a lot of PODS around the neighborhood so I used them for storage services. It was as easy as i thought. The pod got dropped off, I loaded it up, they took it away and theyd store it for a year for me. I booked online and was trying to make sure that the pod would fit in my driveway and was trying to figure where I was going to put it on my property. The website was easy to use. I got a medium-sized container. On the website, they gave an approximation for the size of pods depending on how many bedrooms i have. When it was all said and done, the pod I got has enough space.

    The gentlemen who dropped off the container were very professional. I was trying to see if the container was going to fit in our driveway or not. They came out and looked at it and said that it was not a problem, and they dropped the pod off. I went to the storage facility where the pods are all stored, and they had it set up for me and ready to go. It was timely.

  5. I rented two 16’ pods containers and had them delivered to our driveway. I measured the width of the containers and they were 7 ft 9 inches wide. But the website said the containers have an external dimension of 8 ft in width, which would have been wide to fit my hot tub. I had to cancel the order and get them to pick up the empty containers the very next day, because we could not fit our hot tub in either of them. Very disappointing and frustrating to have something so simple go so wrong!

  6. I used a pods unit to store my belongings while staging my home for sale. After our home sold we used pods to move our stuff from Texas to Utah. But they didn’t deliver our unit when they said they would. We called to ask where the pods was and they said it was still in Texas! We had to stay in a hotel, had trouble transferring money to them, ended up being a disaster. Very frustrated with this company.

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