How to Safely Move and Store Your Pool Table

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There are a couple of ways you can safely move and store your pool table. From using the right equipment to disassembling the pool table properly, these tips are simple yet effective. Plus, we’ll explore the ways to protect your health during the process. 

How to disassemble the pool table 

When disassembling your pool table, begin by carefully removing all accessories—the balls, cues, and any decorative items. Keep them safe in a designated container to prevent loss or damage during the process. Next, it’s time to tackle the pockets and rails. Unscrew them diligently, ensuring you label and organize the hardware for each pocket and rail set separately. 

Now, focus your attention on the legs. Most pool tables have detachable legs, often secured with bolts or screws. Gently disassemble them and label and store the hardware meticulously, as with the pockets and rails. These legs may seem like straightforward appendages, but they’re vital in maintaining the table’s structural integrity. Finally, remove the felt and slate. Start by carefully peeling back the felt from the edges, exposing the slate underneath. Unscrew the slate pieces systematically, supporting them to prevent any accidental drops or cracks.

Packing and protecting the pool table parts 

Begin by treating the slate—the heart of your table—with the utmost care. Wrap the pool table parts snugly in bubble wrap or layer them between soft moving blankets. Use ratchet straps or sturdy ropes to secure them firmly, preventing any shifts during transit. Think of it as wrapping your precious cargo for a safe journey. For the legs and rails, embrace the art of bubble wrapping or generously swathing them in moving blankets. Furniture sliders are your secret weapon when moving these heavier components. They transform the unwieldy into the manageable, allowing you to glide them effortlessly without straining your back or risking damage. As for your accessories, they deserve special attention. Store balls, cues, and other smaller items in a secure container, preventing them from rolling around or getting misplaced during the move. Gather the right packing materials or contact Golans Moving and Storage Chicago to let them handle the packing process. Throughout this process, meticulous attention to detail is key.

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A pool table in a small room

Determining the pool tables’ dimensions and weight 

Before moving and storing your pool table safely, you must first become intimately acquainted with its dimensions and weight. This is your groundwork, akin to charting a map before setting sail on an adventure. Grab your measuring tape, and take your time to measure the table’s length, width, and height. Don’t forget to note the size of the slate pieces; these will be particularly hefty and crucial for transport planning.

Measuring shouldn’t be rushed. It’s an essential step that sets the stage for everything to come. Allow at least 15-30 minutes for precise measurements, ensuring no surprises along the way. To gauge the weight, consult your pool table’s manufacturer or manual. Generally, a standard pool table weighs between 700 and 1,000 pounds.

Moving the pool table safely 

Before you think about lifting, ensure you have a team of strong, reliable helpers. Moving a pool table into the right storage unit is not a one-person job. It requires a coordinated effort to avoid injury or damage. Employ dollies or hand trucks to carry the heavy components, distributing the weight evenly to minimize strain. This equipment turns a potentially grueling task into a manageable one. When moving through tight spaces, like doorways or hallways, take your time and navigate carefully, ensuring the table doesn’t scrape or bump against walls or corners. Lift with your legs, not your back, to avoid back strain. Use proper lifting techniques, and consider wearing supportive footwear to maintain stability. Stay hydrated and take breaks to prevent overexertion. If the prospect of moving your pool table feels daunting, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Many moving companies specialize in relocating these heavy and delicate items. Hiring professional pool table movers means you’ll avoid any potential injury. When searching for movers, ensure they have experience moving pool tables and are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge. Check their references and reviews to guarantee a smooth and damage-free relocation.

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Storing the pool table 

Begin by choosing a storage location with the utmost care, one that’s clean, dry, and free from humidity. It’s akin to selecting the perfect resting place for a valuable artifact. Once you’ve settled on the ideal spot, ensure it provides a level surface to prevent any warping or damage over time. Cover the table with a dust cover or a tarp, guarding it against the elements and potential dust or debris. 

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Accessories and hardware deserve their designated homes, too. Store them in labeled containers, keeping everything organized and easily accessible for the day your pool table awakens from its storage slumber. As you tuck your pool table away, remember that the care you invest in its storage is a promise to its future self. 

Reassembling the pool table afterward 

Carefully unpack the components and lay out the hardware, like uncovering long-lost treasure pieces from a chest. The legs, once detached, are the first to return to their rightful positions. Treat this step like a reunion, a joyful moment of reconnection. Secure them diligently, ensuring stability and balance. Next, the rails and pockets take their place, like guests arriving at a grand ball. 

Attach them systematically, using the labeled hardware you thoughtfully organized during disassembly. Stretching and reattaching the felt is the pièce de résistance. It’s an art requiring precision and patience. Finally, level the table with shims or adjustable feet, bringing harmony to your billiards universe.

A pool table with a protective cover, something you’ll need when you safely move and store your pool table.

Safely move and store your pool table today 

Your pool table can last you a lifetime with the right ways to safely move and store your pool table. With these tips, your pool table is poised to shine once more, offering endless hours of billiards joy. So, remember that the right care and attention can transform your pool table into a timeless treasure.

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