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atlas van lines reviewAtlas Van Lines is part of the Atlas World Group. Atlas Van Lines is a branch of the entire company that deals with moving home. Atlas’ headquarters are found in Indiana and the company enjoys annual revenue of almost $1 billion. Atlas Van Lines claims to be America’s second largest interstate motor carrier. There are more than 500 agents of the company operating nationwide with each van easily recognizable with the giant blue ‘A’ that is found on each one. The company’s mission is to provide quality specialized relocation, distribution and transportation services to their client base.

Atlas Website
If the website is anything to go by, Atlas Van Lines are an extremely well organized group. The site is clad in the bright, vibrant blue color which is associated with the company. Atlas offers a wide range of services including general household moving, international moving, self storage government and military moving as well as dabbling in corporate relocation. The site gives tips on avoiding scam companies including a page which tells you how to spot a genuine Atlas company.

The site even gives you information about contacting the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration if you have been the victim of fraud. The site also talks about migration patterns, relocation pricing and fuel costs which may affect the cost of your move. Getting a free quote is extremely easy. All you need to do is offer some personal information such as your name, email, address, where you’re moving to and the amount of things you are moving. For this, Atlas asks you how many ‘rooms’ you are moving as a means of making a calculation. This is all well and good, but what is their service like?

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The Service
One of the best things about Atlas Van Lines is their price guarantee. When they actually send an agent around to your home, he uses specific Atlas calculations to decide the weight of the goods. For example, a television may be deemed to weigh five pounds with a washing machine marked down as 80 pounds. Customers don’t tend to have a problem with this as the process saves a lot of time. The Not To Exceed guarantee means that Atlas can’t charge you more than the quote stated by their agent. Essentially, if you’re charged $1,000 but it should cost $1,500 because your goods weighed more than Atlas thought, they can’t renege on the original agreement.

However, the insurance they offer is confusing and the basic liability insurance of 60 cent per pound weight is woefully insufficient. If you had 1,000 pounds worth of goods, you would receive $600 in compensation! This is not Atlas’ fault but their terms and conditions could be more user friendly. Alas, Atlas’ moving service is not as fantastic as they would have you believe. Hundreds of customers have been withering in their condemnation of Atlas. The main gripes include the fact that your goods are not treated particularly well, the moving time is up to double what you were originally told and their communication with customers is average at best.

For all the promise showed by Atlas, it’s clear that they must do better to appease angry customers and provide a better overall service.

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