the best storage space for youIn certain circumstances, you may need to rent storage units either temporarily or semi-permanently. However, you will want to make sure that you are choosing the rental facility and the units wisely. Here are six things you really must know when you are selecting storage rental units:

Know what You Need to Store

Evaluate what your storage needs are. Are they antiques, vehicles or furniture? Are the items perishable, like food? Knowing what types of things you need to store will determine what type of unit you need. You may considered a refrigerated unit or a unit with electricity.

Find Out whether Stored Items Are Covered by Insurance

Your renter’s or home insurance may cover your belongings. Still, some requirements may apply. You may need all-day and all-night everyday security surveillance or indoor-only storage. Make sure you find out how the insurance will work prior to putting your items into storage.

Choose the Storage Unit Size

You do not want to pay for a unit that is far too small to store your things. On the other hand, you do not need to put out money for storage that is way larger than your needs. Decide how much you will be putting in storage and decide the size of unit you will need based on that.

Decide if You Want Climate-Controlled Storage

If you have any perishable goods or heirlooms to store, you may want to keep them in climate-controlled storage. Units that do not have this feature get hotter than the outdoor temperature on warm days and nearly as cold as the outdoors on cold days, according to a representative from Extra Space Storage in Fayetteville. Anything that will mildew, corrode or shatter in extreme temperatures should be placed in climate-controlled storage facilities.

Research Security Options

Whether you need a security system in place for insurance reasons or not, you do want secure storage units where theft will not occur. Storing your items safely protects your property and the investment you are making by storing the items. Some units offer video surveillance and security guards while other units offer the padlock on the unit. Determine how much security you need and want as you look at the various options.

Know the Terms of the Rental Agreement

Reading the fine print is always important whenever signing agreements or contracts of any kind. You do need to know what the terms of your storage rental are. If you want short-term storage, you will want an agreement that allows for the brief time you need the rental units.

Wise selecting of rental storage space helps to ensure that you have just what you need. You need the right units with the right amount of security. You know the terms of the rental and place your items in the unit with peace of mind.