Comparing Pods with Traditional Moving Companies

Moving is tedious and it requires a lot of time, effort and money. You have to pack the items, load the items and move the items. Once you get to the new place, you then have to deal with the unloading and unpacking. There is a lot that is involved with it – which means you want a way to do it with as minimal work as possible. Traditional moving companies will offer you a truck to help move the items, a few tools such as a dolly that could be of use but they do not actually take any of the burden off of your move. Pods can take one of the things off the list – moving the items. They take care of this, so you can just arrive in your normal vehicle to unpack. No pressure, no worries from the company.

Comparing the two against one another, you will find a lot of similarities and some differences. Its these differences that you want to pay attention too. Depending on the moving needs that you have, you need to ensure that you’re making the best choice with which company to hire.

Traditional Moving Companies

Traditional moving companies, as stated above, only provide the truck and some items to help you move. They do not move anything for you and will not do the foot work. You have to pick everything up on your own. This allows you to make one move since you can load everything onto one truck, but you still need to find someone that is able and willing to drive the truck to the new place and to come with you to pick it up. You then are paying for the truck, the gas, the move and hoping on the kindness of others for man power and a driver.

Traditional moving companies are not so bad though, when you need a way to move your items. They can help easily and they are fairly affordable for those quick moves that you’re making. They provide you with extra dollies if they are needed, boxes, tape, packing supplies of all sorts and other items of worth such as furniture movers. You have to pay a small extra charge, but then you can use them to your advantage when it comes to moving some of the heavier stuff without having to put out your back.

Their prices tend to be more affordable compared to other moving options out there. This might be essential if you’re going to be moving on a smaller budget. If you do not have to store anything, you might just want to move the items from one place to another quickly and efficiently – the moving truck is able to help with this.

They can also recommend movers in your area, but they will be an additional charge depending on the company and how long you’re going to need them for.

Renting a Pod

Pods are unique because they do not drive. They are brought on a truck and picked up on a truck. You cannot move it by pushing it – it is basically, a large crate for you to put your stuff inside. You are the one that still has to pack your items up and place them inside the pod, one after the other. The difference is, though, that you do not have to find anyone to drive the pod. The company comes and picks up the pod for you. They will then bring it to the new home when it is needed, so you can go there and unpack all of the items. This is let foot work for you or having to rely on someone to drive a large moving truck.

One of the biggest differences about pods companies compared to a moving truck is that if you need storage, they have you covered. You just pack your items up and store them inside the pod. They will then hold the pod at their facility (that is generally locked and secured) until you need the items again. It is quite simple to have your items delivered to you, as well.

Once you know your move in date, you just give the company a call. They will then ask what the date is and the new address. Both of which you’re able to give to them. They will let you know an approximate time when they will be dropping it off, so you are then able to move forward and unpack the items from the pod to put them into the new place. They make things simple, so you do not have too much stress during the move that you’re making.

Pods are one of those things that a lot of people perhaps have not heard of. This is normal, especially if you do not move all that often. You might not know your options. If you’ve heard about them, need to move and are now curious, comparing them to your needs and then to the moving trucks to find out which to go with – might be able to save you some headache later on down the road.

Choosing Between the Two

Choosing whether to go with a moving truck or rental pod can be difficult. The way that you should go about choosing is based on the preferences and needs that you have. Consider the price for each of the items and then how much you have budgeted in for your move. You may also want to consider whether or not you need to store your items before the new home is ready. You can make the extra trip in the middle using a moving truck, but you could just move the items in the pod once and be done with the entire move. Pods provide convenience on different levels, while moving trucks may be more affordable, depending on the budget that you have set aside. Each move is different, but one thing is for certain – you want to minimize your stress during the move as much as possible to ensure that it goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

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