5 Tips for Storing Temperature Controlled Valuables

Storage Keeping valuables free from damage often seems like a full-time job for those who do not plan ahead. From important pieces of old clothing to collectors’ items and jewelry, no one should simply place these items in a storage unit or attic without first considering few simple steps that will protect them from the ravages of time.

1. Combine Similar Items

The first step in this process is to separate all of one’s valuables and then combine them with similar items. The manner in which an old wedding dress should be stored is much different than a piece of jewelry or a comic book. Some of the most often-collected items that should be stored within a similar group include wood-based valuables, metal items, fabrics, and paper-based collectibles.

2. Beware of Rodents and Bugs

Unfortunately, it often seems like pests are attracted to valuables like nothing else in the home, and some of these animals can squeeze into nearly microscopic spaces. This is why a number of steps should take place, beginning with regular pest removal services throughout one’s property. Depending on the environment, there may also be a need to place traps around any valuables that may be seen as a place to feed or nest for animals. Covering them with plastic or sheets is also advisable.

3. Affordable Temperature Control

For the most valuable of items, constant temperature control will be absolutely necessary. Some items will need to be kept at temperatures ranging from 65 degrees to just over 75 degrees. A few moments at higher or lower temperatures may not hurt the valuables in question, but going even a few hours at extreme temperatures could permanently damage one’s most treasured collectibles. Find out the storage unit you plan on using to store your valuable has a trusted air and heating system from a company like www.AirConditioningAustinTX.com.

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4.Options for Humidity

Humidity control is not only one of the most difficult steps in this process, but unchecked humidity is also the most damaging. Even the driest climates need humidity control as unwelcome moisture will wreak havoc on almost every type of collectible. Instead of regulating the entire home’s humidity, it is often best to restrict humidity appliances and devices to a single room or even a locker, cabinet, or attic that the items are kept in.

5. Look to the Professionals

The final consideration to make is to go with a professional climate-controlled storage unit. These units are exceptionally affordable and will often save an individual hundreds or even thousands of dollars in energy costs, unnecessary pest control, and the purchasing of new appliances to control one’s humidity and temperature within the home.

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