Portable On Demand Storage (PODS) is another method of moving your items from place to place. The United States has by far the biggest amount of self-storage units in the world. Indeed, it is believed that America has 75% of the world’s units. There is some 1.6 billion square feet of rentable storage space but self storage may not be practical for families planning to completely move home.

pods moving container

This is where traditional moving companies like U-Haul come in. They offer a service that will pick up all your belongings and transport it directly to your new abode. This sounds extremely convenient and it is in most cases. However, these companies will arrive at your home at a certain time, ready to transport your goods so you have to be ready. The longer you need the use of a company’s trucks, the more you will be out of pocket. PODS is an alternative form of moving your possessions. PODS should not be confused with a company of the same name. Although the company known as PODS is one of the biggest Portable On Demand Storage organizations, it is not the first and last word in the industry.


The reason why PODS is becoming such a popular form of moving possessions is because of the extreme convenience it offers. You ring up a company and explain that you are in the process of moving. They will deliver a storage container to your door and give you all the time you need to pack. You can use the container for several days if need be. Once you are finished, contact the company again and they will come and remove your items to a self storage location in preparation for the final move.

PODS companies offer an array of different sized containers. There is the possibility that you will need more than one unit but the largest containers usually have 1,024 cubic feet of room. An average three-bedroom home may need 2-3 PODS containers, especially if they are moving from state to state.

Pods Cost

It should be noted that PODS is not necessarily less expensive than regular storage but most people are happy to pay for their convenience. Companies in different states charge varying rates but expect to pay in the region of $250 to have one container delivered to your home and then have the company move your possessions to another place. You will probably have to pay extra to have the container returned to the company once the move is complete. Generally, PODS companies charge around $180 per month after the initial service if you need to keep the container. If you use a rental truck, you may be paying $200 a day. Although you will only need the truck for a single day, you still have to go through the hassle of packing everything quickly. Tip: Use a Pods promotional code to save 5% off the cost of a Pods storage unit.

Although PODS is not necessarily the cheapest way to move your items from place to place, it is certainly one of the easiest. And the extra convenience is certainly worth a few more dollars for families making a big move from their old home to a new one.