Climate Controlled vs. Standard Self Storage – When Paying More is Worth it

If you are faced with too much clutter then you are likely considering a storage unit to stow your possessions in, but do you know whether you want a standard unit or one that is climate controlled? The biggest difference in the two types of units is of course going to be the price as a climate controlled unit is one that will be kept at a certain temperature all year round. Since this will cost the storage unit facility money in order to make happen, the sot gets passed on to you. The question is when is it worth it to pay more?

Whether you should pay more money for a climate controlled storage unit versus a standard storage unit really comes down to more than whether or not you want to save some money. In fact, depending on what you store inside your self storage unit, you may be foolish not to use a storage unit that is climate controlled.

Take for example storing some of your favorite antiques. Just by their nature they are fragile and many times frail. Therefore, storing them in a storage unit that is sweltering hot for part of the year and freezing cold at other times of the year can lead to your antiques sustaining damage. As antiques are meant to be treasured, this will likely not be an acceptable scenario for you, especially if the antiques in question are ones that have been handed down for many generations in your family. This is the perfect example of when you should pay more for storage.

You may also want to store electrical equipment such as office computers that are in transit. The problem with doing so in a non-climate controlled unit is that the added humidity can wreak all sorts of havoc on your computer’s electrical circuits. This can then render your equipment worthless after just a short amount of time being in self storage. With a storage unit that is climate controlled, you never have to give humidity a second thought because it simply doesn’t exist.

So, it really all comes down to what you store when deciding on whether or not to go with a climate controlled unit or a standard unit. If you are only storing tools and some odds and ends, you may be just fine with a standard unit. Of course, you may also decide that no matter what you store, you want it to be protected from the elements as much as possible. So, no matter what the price difference is, you may find that it is worth paying.

Remember that storage units without any kind of climate control are not very well protected from weather changes and can lead to your things getting damaged. Therefore, you have to decide if what you store is worth risking to the elements or better off being protected in a climate controlled storage unit. While nobody wants to pay more for self storage, sometimes spending more is well worth it.

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