Advantages of a Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit

Do I need a climate controlled self storage unit? One of the biggest concerns regarding putting household items into a self storage unit is what kind of shape your things will be in when the time comes to pull them out. Since the 90’s, more and more self storage units are coming equipped with a new concept, namely climate controlled storage units. Granted, a lot of household items don’t require climate controlled self storage care, but there are many items that do.

Climate will vary from one part of the country to another, from excessive dryness to excessive humidity. These climate conditions can wreak havoc on certain items. The primary concern of storing goods, is what is referred to as “biological contaminants”. The following are the five main ones that can find their way into a storage unit and ruin personal possessions:

1. bacteria
2. dust mites
3. mildew
4. mold
5. viruses

Storing your items in a climate controlled self storage unit will deter these from resulting, as well as other damaging aspects such as future health problems, musty odors, paper rot, and wood degradation. The extra expense of renting one of these units is always worth it down the road. Here’s a list of household items that are usually climate-sensitive and prone to damage.

Artwork, Books, Paintings, and Paper Items – Anything that is made with paper can succumb to paper rot if subjected to ongoing humidity. Pages will curl up and even stick together, as well as the print possibly “bleeding” on the page. And if the pages or a painting get covered in mildew and mold, they will all be ruined.

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Clothing and Fabric – Fabric does not fare well when exposed to mildew and mold, and if exposed to dampness it can become covered in mildew and mold. Keep them in a dry, warm climate and they will love you for it and last a lot longer. On a further note, make sure whatever clothing you pack in boxes is completely dry.

Electronics – Because of the fact that electronics are very sensitive to moisture, they need a climate controlled self storage environment. The easiest way to kill a piece of electronics equipment is to let moisture get to the inside of it. People that live in coastal areas, the deep South, and the Midwest are especially subject to very humid climates. With electronics, they need to be protected against moisture and extreme cold, so being able to keep them stored in a facility that is both dry and warm is a good idea.

Upholstered Items and Wood Furniture – Extreme deviations in climate does more damage to fabric covered items and wood furniture than you can imagine. Antiques are especially susceptible to damage from excessive dryness or moisture. They get covered with mildew, or get moldy, or the wood starts to rot. Mildew and mold have a staining effect and can ruin upholstered or wooden furniture, as well as cause serious health problems as well. If the storage is too dry, wood can crack or warp, ruining your wooden furnishings. Allergic reactions and asthma attacks are easily triggered by mildew and mold as those that target the human respiratory system.

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The bottom line is that if you want any of these types of items surviving self storage, you might want to consider the long-term savings by spending extra money on a climate controlled self storage unit.

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