Yard Organization: 5 Tips for Storing Your Winter Stuff and Preparing for Summer

Storing Winter LightsAlthough you may still have some snow on the ground, spring and summer are going to be here before you can blink an eye. Whether you have Bullfrog hot tubs or other accessories that need to come out for the warm weather, follow these five tips to store your winter yard decorations and prepare for summer.

Making Garage Space

Throughout the winter months, you might have used your garage to hold a lot of Christmas presents that you were not currently using. Well, since you have to put those yard decorations away, now is the time to go through everything and figure out what can go and what should stay. If you have guns, make sure they are out of reach of children.

What Can You Use?

Although the decorations were out during the winter, you do not necessarily have to put them away for the warmer months. For example, a little sign that welcomes people to your home can certainly be applicable all year round. Figure out what can stay outside, and decide which elements simply will not do spring and summer. Ultimately, you are saving yourself some time as well.

Accessible Places

Right now, you are probably just tempted to take everything and put it wherever it fits. However, if you stock your Christmas decorations all the way in the back of the shed or all over the various storage spaces, you are not going to be very happy next winter. Instead of creating additional stress for yourself later, organize everything right now. If you need extra space, get a storage unit.

Using Storage Boxes

Another way to make this process more organized for yourself is to use storage boxes. You can likely fit more items into a smaller space this way. Furthermore, you can label the boxes. Next winter, you aren’t going to have to open every single box in the garage or shed. Just read the label, and you will know what it is inside.

Watching Fragile Items

During the winter, you might have pretty little lights strung up on the roof of your house, and you want to be sure that these lights do not get crushed. Keep any fragile items in a separate space, and do not cram these products into a box. After all, you don’t want to open the box up next year to find out that they have been destroyed.

Part of cleaning up the yard for spring and summer involves making sure a space exists for all of the items. The other component involves making the unpacking as easy as possible for yourself when the colder months come around once again.

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