Safety Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore While Remodeling

When working on home remodeling projects, people hammer, saw, and construct their way to new rooms, new features, and ultimately a new living space. In addition to learning how to create each home improvement, people also need to know how to be safe while doing them. Below are tips to help protect the eyes, ears, and body when improving the home.

Clear the Area

Clutter is a safety hazard, so be sure to clear out everything that doesn’t need to be in the area. The more space you have to work the safer you are. Rent a storage unit for everything that needs to be taken out of the area. This will insure that there is plenty of space and you won’t have to worry about anything getting broken because it will be safely stored away from the commotion.

Protect the Eyes

The most important part of the body that needs protection during home remodeling is the eyes. If using a saw or any equipment that may cause flying objects, it is important to cover the eyes and protect them from the debris. The eyes are also highly sensitive to chemicals that may be used. Some chemicals have harsh fumes that can cause irritation and impaired vision.

Eyes can be protected by using special glasses that cover the area completely. Some glasses can be purchased for general coverage. Others can be specially made based on specific needs. Safety glasses are usually large enough to cover corrective eye-ware so that someone can still wear their glasses while working on the project at hand.

Protect the Ears

The ears also need to be protected when remodeling the home. Projects that require large motorized equipment such as saws or blowers can expose people to high pitched and high volume noises. These sounds could cause temporary or long lasting damage to hearing.

To prevent hearing loss or damage it is important to wear protective ear coverings. Basic ear plugs can be purchased from local home improvement and drug stores. Protective ear muffs, which completely surround the ear, can also be used.

Protect the Body

In many cases the entire body needs to be protected. When working on demolition activities, such as sawing through walls or boards, the debris can irritate the skin. Wood debris can cause splinters and many construction materials can create allergic reactions. If the skin comes into contact with chemicals, it may become burned.

To protect the body it is important to wear protective clothing, including long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Some thicker coverings, such as coveralls and full body suits can also help.

A lot of great things can come out of quality home remodeling projects. At the same time, a lot of harm can be experienced. Take steps to protect the eyes, the ears, and the body as the most effective way to stay safe.

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