Safe and Easy Ways to Clean Up Your Fixer-Upper Home

Clean Up Your Fixer UpperA great way to save on the cost of a new home is to consider purchasing a fixer-upper. A home in less than pristine condition can sell for considerably less than other similarly sized homes in the same neighborhood. If new homeowners tackle the dirty job of restoring a home to prime condition, they can benefit from a beautiful home at great savings. Some repairs will require a professional, but there are many safe and easy jobs that the homeowner can tackle alone.

Carpet Removal

Even in the nicest homes, dirty carpet can be a problem. In a fixer-upper, carpet removal is practically guaranteed. Luckily, this is a simple task. Simply roll up the old carpets and pads, then remove the tack strips. Clean the subfloor, and it will be ready for an updated look.

Pest Extermination

A fixer-upper home may be infested with insects, rodents or even wildlife. Pest control and wildlife removal must be completed before moving in. Homeowners can use traps and chemicals to take care of small infestations. A professional company can assist in making a heavily infested home safe for habitation.

Wall Restoration

Outdated, peeling wallpaper is an eyesore that can be easily fixed. Steam and a scraper can make unsightly wallpaper a thing of the past. Small holes or dents in walls can be patched and sanded. Wash down all walls thoroughly before repainting for a better outcome. Clean kitchen walls with a degreaser before painting.

Windows and Doors

Dirty, torn screens are common in a fixer-upper. Wash or replace screens on windows and doors. Oil and adjust window and door hinges to eliminate squeaking. Tighten or replace loose doorknobs. Cohesive door hardware throughout a home’s interior lends style to the overall d├ęcor. Be sure to wash down and possibly repaint doors and the surrounding woodwork.


Thoroughly scrub and sanitize bathrooms from top to bottom, including walls and cabinetry. Replace any sink or tub fixtures that are in bad shape. A new toilet seat is a must-have.

Curb Appeal

Fresh paint, neatly trimmed shrubbery and a mowed lawn are simple fixes that go a long way. Repair cracked walkways and tighten up banisters. Replace outdoor lighting fixtures if needed. If the budget allows, consider adding new landscaping, stylish house numbers or an updated mailbox. A welcoming wreath or door mat adds the final touch toward warming up a restored home.

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