Moving Houses: Five Effective and Easy Tactics for Busy Families

The reality is that many families are busier today than at any point in the past. Work and other responsibilities can seep into off hours and take away extra time during the day. Moving is a large task that demands planning and attention. Five easy tactics will help to make moving easier for a busy family.

Make Arrangements As Early As Possible

Busy families can easily forget small details during a move. It is important to make all arrangements as early as possible so they are not forgotten. This should include scheduling movers, setting utility activation and deactivation dates and filing a change of address. This will leave very little for the family to worry about on the day of the move.

Pack Slowly Over Weeks

Families who are short on time should start packing weeks or months in advance. The best strategy is to try to pack one or two boxes a day and spend a few hours on weekends packing. Marathon packing sessions a few days before a move are stressful and lead to mistakes or damaged possessions. Working slowly does not interfere with responsibilities and will make sure everything is packed properly.

Hire Full-Service Movers

Busy families will want to hire experienced full-service Utah movers. Professional movers will take care of nearly everything on the day of the move. Some will even pack items. Professional furniture movers allow the family to spend time taking care of other responsibilities. It might even be possible to work on the day of the move if someone else can guide the movers.

Label Every Box

Every box should be labeled with the contents. This will minimize the time it takes to unpack and will make it easy to find important items. Families should keep a box or bag labeled just for essential items like toiletries or laptops that will be needed immediately in the new home.

Get Kids and Pets Out Of the House

Children and pets can become bored or hyperactive during the excitement of a move. It is sometimes best to take kids or pets to the home of friends or family until the move is over. This also reduces stress in children who might not understand exactly what is happening in the house.


One of the keys for busy families who are moving is to remain as organized as possible. It is helpful to keep a single notebook that contains all of the scheduling information, confirmation numbers and contents of boxes. This makes it easy to keep track of what is going on at any point.

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