Moving Day: Best Tips for Packing Up Your Home Hassle-Free

Looking For a New Home- 5 Tips You Can't Be WithoutAs anyone can tell you, moving house is a major undertaking that requires significant time and energy, especially if you happen to be moving in a state as crowded as New Jersey. The NJ moving process can be so frustrating that many people end up throwing out or giving away their belongings to avoid having to pack and transport them, but it doesn’t have to be like that. There are easy steps that anyone can take to simplify the process and ensure that moving house goes smoothly and efficiently with a minimum amount of hassle.

Step 1: Assessment

Taking stock of personal belongings is one of the most important actions to take before a major move. It’s easy to accumulate stuff and then become accustomed to having it around. However, just because you’ve had something forever doesn’t mean that it’s actually useful or important. Assess the contents of your home and place a brightly colored sticky note on each item that is truly meaningful or useful, and put the remaining items in boxes or in the garage for a few days. If you haven’t needed or thought about them, you can safely get rid of them.

Step 2: Calculation

Once you’ve identified your essential belongings with a sticky note, go through your home room by room and note the number and size of the items in question. There are several online resources that can help you calculate the number of packing boxes you will need; having a general idea of how much stuff you have and any unusual sizes will help you get an accurate estimate of the number of boxes required.

Step 3: Action

Begin the packing process by starting in the room with the least frequently used items. Many people make the mistake of first packing up belongings that are used on a daily basis. Packing up out of season items and heirlooms or other special belongings first ensures that you won’t have to backtrack and unpack boxes to retrieve something that you need right away. Work your way through the home until only the most essential daily items remain.

Step 4: Identification

As you sort and pack items into boxes, note each item on a piece of paper in clear and legible letters, and then affix the paper to the appropriate box with clear packing tape. Some people opt to type and print these lists for easy reading. Each list should be secured on either the top or side of the box so that it’s easily visible. These lists can save you endless time and irritation by making it simple to find a specific item.

Moving to a new home can be a tedious and exhausting process, which is why spending time planning beforehand is so important. Simplify your moving and storage worries by following these four steps and you’ll save yourself a major headache.

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