Long Distance Move? 5 Must-Knows for a Stress-free Move

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Long Distance Move A long distance move can become very stressful, especially if the family has never lived in the new city or state. The length of the trip, the unfamiliarity of the new house and even the uncertainty of the neighborhood can become distracting. Moving does not have to be difficult. Here are five musts to implement  for a stress-free long distance move.

Plan Every Part of the Route

The worst thing that can happen to a family during a long distance move is to get completely lost. This is true whether the family is driving a moving truck or driving a car and relying on professional movers. It is important to plan and check every part of the route between locations. Hotel reservations should be made in advance for very long trips. Detailed planning will avoid many problems while on the road.

Use Quality Packing Supplies

People who are moving a short distance in a city can often get away with using old boxes and newspaper to pack personal possessions. This is not true with a long distance move. The boxes will be jostled for hours or possibly days at a time. Road conditions and weather can be unpredictable. Families will want to spend the extra money to purchase new and quality packing supplies for the move. This will ensure everything arrives in one piece.

Rent a Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit will relieve stress when dealing with items that do not fit in the new home or that are not needed immediately. Renting Concord CA self storage units gives families a safe, secure and stable space to store valuable items, furniture or even boxes of seasonal decorations. A self-storage unit makes it much easier to unpack essentials and organize the home during the first few days or weeks. It can also hold anything that does not seem right for the new house.

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Schedule Extra Time

Families should always schedule as much extra time as possible around the long distance move. Any number of unforeseen events could cause delays while traveling or unpacking. Leaving too little time will cause stress and could even lead to problems like missing an interview. It is best to leave at least one or two extra days between the estimated arrival time and any appointments.

Get Moving Insurance

Families who are hiring a professional long distance moving company or who are using a mobile storage container will want to get moving insurance. Moving insurance costs very little. It protects valuable individual items from damage during the trip. Most policies also provide catastrophic coverage in the event of an emergency.

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