How to Prepare for a Move Months Ahead of Time

When we have the luxury of knowing well in advanced when we are going to move, it is a good idea to get started on getting ready to move as soon as possible. This way we don’t end up doing all of the work last minute which can be overwhelming to say the least.

Find a Mover 

If you are considering get a moving company to help you handle the move, now is a good time to start researching different moving companies. You’ll need to check out reviews, billing methods, insurance, etc of at least four different moving companies to help narrow down the search. Next you should get a bid and interview each moving company to make a final decision.

Consider Self Storage 

Are you going to need a self storage unit? It can be a good idea, especially if you are moving to a smaller place, to put some unused items into self storage unit you get settled in. This way you can move just the necessities then when you are ready gradually filter in extra items if there is space.

Get Rid of Any Excess Items 

Sell, donate or throw away any junk that you  no longer want or need. What would be the point to pack, move, unpack then organize items that you no longer have a purpose for? Save yourself the trouble by getting rid of this stuff before you move rather than after.

Pack Anything You Don’t Use 

Decorations, books, seasonal items and other stuff can all be packed away for the move. Packing everything at the last minute adds a lot of extra stress for no particular reason, so really pack as many things as possible long before moving day even comes.

Give Out To-Do Lists 

If you have a family or a partner who seem to have a problem self-motivating, make lists of tasks that they need to get done before the move. Moving is a lot easier when everyone throws in a helping hand to get things done.

Plan the Logistics of the Move 

There are lots of details that go into making a move run smoothly. Take the time to plan out all the small elements of the move from a first to open box to switching utilities to how you want to organize items in your new house. When we take the time to plan and organize everything beforehand things tend to go a lot smoother than when we just try to improvise as we go along.

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