How to Plan Which Items you Want to Put into a Self Storage Unit

Choosing exactly what you want to put into a self storage can be a difficult task. Parting with our valued items can be painful and annoying, but hundreds of thousands of people manage to do it every year. We think you’ll be able to manage it too, but it may take just a little bit of extra work and planning to help you decide. Here are some guidelines that’ll help you decide what goes into self storage.

Do not Procrastinate 

When us humans don’t want to do something, we have this lovely habit of putting it off to the last minute. This is not such a great tendency when tackling the huge task of putting away items in self storage- especially if you have some hang-ups about putting items in self storage at all. When you are selecting items to put into self storage, it is a good idea to start choosing as soon as you know you’ll need to put some items in storage. When you start early you have plenty of time to sort through everything to pick out the items that you wouldn’t mind going into self storage.

How Much Stuff NEEDS to Go Into Self Storage 

This is an especially important consideration to make when you are moving into a more restricted space. Take the time to measure the new and old space then calculate what items will fit into the new space. Based on this measurement you can start choosing items that probably need to go into self storage.

What Can You Live Without 

Take the time to inventory items that you absolutely want to have versus items that you can live without. Once you start making the list you may be surprised exactly how many items that you think you can live without, so the whole process of putting items in self storage becomes a lot easier.

Post-It Note Method

Go through every room in your house and attach post-it notes to items you want to go into self storage. This will give you a clear visual as to how much stuff you plan on putting into self storage, so from there you can decide if you need to start choosing additional items to go into self storage too.

Box and/or Bag Method 

It can be helpful to go through each room with a bag or box to start removing and packing items that will go into self storage. If you are having a particularly difficult time choosing items set a goal of filling of half-filling a box or bag each day and/or choosing a larger item that will go into self storage. As a bonus, this gets you started packing if you are moving!

Seasonal Items

A lot of people choose to always have seasonal items in self storage, but if this whole new self storage thing is new to you the idea of putting Christmas lights, Halloween decoration, etc. may be painful due to the sentimental value. Just because you are putting away seasonal items until it is appropriate to take them out doesn’t mean you are never going to see them again. Just keep seasonal items towards the front of the self storage unit, so when the time comes it is easy to go grab these items out of self storage.

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