How to Organize that Garage to Get the Most of your Space

Messy GarageIf you’re like most people, your garage is probably one of the most cluttered places in your home. It can be a pain to find things in such a mess, and it’s hard to work on any projects with everything in your way. Therefore, the only solution is to get organized. Here are some easy steps to help you achieve this.


Declutter and Downsize


The biggest problem with garages is that they always seem to become a repository for random objects that don’t quite go anywhere else. Many homeowners also find themselves using their garages as places to sequester excess items from in-house storage. The first step to becoming organized is to clear out the things that you don’t want or need. Pick out the things that belong in the trash and put them there. Next, take a look at the remaining items and ask yourself which ones you foresee yourself actually making use of. If you can’t imagine yourself needing something, then sell it or give it away. After this part of the process, you should only be left with the important or truly useful things.


Evaluate Storage Space


Most garages feature a plethora of space for you to use for storage. They’re large, open and usually fairly tall. You can use this to your advantage by installing tool boxes, shelving units and other vertical storage systems. However, before you proceed, you should always double measure. It’s irritating to move a storage shelf in only to find out that the space is ever so slightly too small.


Re-Use What You Already Have


Don’t be in a rush to go out and shop for brand new storage options. Chances are good that you may already have everything you need. Scour your home for things you can use: unused shelves, storage drawers, plastic bins and compartmented boxes are common items in nearly every household. Even old cabinets that you meant to throw out can be mounted on the wall and used to keep things. Whatever you do, however, steer clear of cardboard boxes. They deteriorate rapidly from exposure to the elements and do nothing to keep pests at bay.


Selecting Storage Solutions


If you don’t happen to have anything lying around the house or if you need more, it’s time to go shopping. However, it’s necessary for you to take the time to consider your specific needs. If your garage is finished, you might want to choose something that looks nice. If not, then simple wire shelving may suit your needs well enough.

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