How to Choose What to Put Into Storage

So for whatever reason you have decided that you want to put some items in self storage. Great!  Well, join the club of millions of people around the world who have needed to use the services of self storage companies. Where does all the stuff come from? We’re about as sure as you are, but still trying to decide exactly what to put in self storage can be a challenging task. Here are a couple of different methods that have seemed to work for some our customers over the years. Ultimately though, you’re just going to have to figure out what works for you! In the end, I always say that items are just junk, and the things that really matter in life can’t be put into a self storage unit.

One Box or Bag at a Time 

If you have a decent amount of time, like a month or two, to decide what you want to put into self storage, the method of just filling one box or bag a day can be a great way to start selecting what items should go into self storage. By the end of the month that would be 30 boxes or bags worth of stuff. For larger things like furniture, lamps, paintings, etc., you can just count one or two big item as one box. When we break up enormous tasks into smaller parts, all of a sudden what we are doing becomes about 100% easier.

Put Labels on Items 

One way to figure out what you want to put into self storage is just to put labels or a marks on any item that you want to go into self storage. Go crazy just putting labels on things all over the house, this method is actually pretty fun. Post-it notes work great for this, so you’ll have little bursts of neon paper all over the house.

Start Separating Items

If you have the extra space, which a lot of people who are looking for self storage won’t, separating off items you want to put into self storage can be a good way to start. Choose a place in your home that you can put all of these items until the day comes when it is time to move them into a self storage unit.

Make a List 

Taking sometimes to sit down and write out exactly what you want to put into a self storage unit can be a great way to organize your thoughts on the matter. Keep the list around, so that whenever an items pops up into your mind you can put it on the self storage list.

Discuss with Family, Friends or Whoever 

Some people like to talk things out to help them figure out what exactly they want to put into self storage. It can be useful to have friends, family or someone else over to help you decide what items you really don’t need. If you don’t know anyone close by, just call someone up to help you decide what items to put into self storage.

Go Buddhist 

Some people find it very addicting to start just getting rid of all their items. Let yourself go crazy and try to simplify your life as much as possible clearing it out of all that junk. The only problem with this method is once you put all your items in self storage you may never want them back!

Set a Goal 

It can be really difficult to part from the items that you like having around for convenience. Setting a goal as to how much stuff you need to put away into a self storage unit can help force you to make the tough decisions about what items you don’t need around.

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