Four Tips For Getting The Most Value When Selling Your Home

Four Tips For Getting The Most Value  When Selling Your HomeWhen selling your house, you want to get the most money possible for it. There are four tips to help you get a lot of interest in the house. As the general rule, more interest means an overall higher selling price as a bidding war may erupt.

Make it Sparkle

Whether it is an open house or a private showing, make the house clean and looking its best. Often that is hard to do when it is being lived in. Consider a professional cleaner at least once; this is typically right before it gets listed initially. Multiple professional cleanings may be recommended if it is on the market an extended period of time. American Clean & Seal Home Cleaning can have your house ready to be shown in an efficient manner.

Catch Up on Repairs and Maintenance

This is particularly true to DIYers. Catch up on any repairs or maintenance needed. This is particularly true of cosmetic issues. Most are relatively inexpensive but can potentially add thousands of dollars of value onto the home. Having a big ticket work item that is still needed, such as a new roof, can potentially inspire either lowball offers or loss of interest altogether. If the roof is fixed before it is listed, it adds to the value as being closer to “move in ready.”

Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

Some work part time while others work full time. Others still seem to sell houses only as a hobby. Conduct a lot of research before you choose a real estate agent. Rely heavily on referrals from family and friends; view reviews online but take these in stride.

Some online reviews are people being paid to write them who have no experience with the individual. Others are legitimate; others still are the associates of the agent being reviewed. Choose one who is professional but knows how to close a deal. Ideally the agent should sell ten or more houses per month. Be sure to choose one who fits your personality type and you can work well together with.

Stage, Landscape, and Add Curb Appeal 

First impressions are very important. Cut the grass and trim the hedges. Pull the weeds; you may possibly want to plant a colorful flower bed if there is not one in the yard. Inside the house remove any personal effects such as family photos. Make the viewer imagine that they could live in the home comfortably. Stage it well so it is attractive both outside and inside and leaves a good impression.

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