Five Things You Can Do To Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal

Five Things You Can Do To Improve Your Homes Curb AppealPeople often judge a home and its owner before they even enter the house. A person’s first impression is the way the house looks from the street. Curb appeal can make the sale of a home in Louisville, Kentucky, and add value as well.

Yard Work

Start with the simple things first, such as cutting the grass and weeding. If your lawn has patches where the grass doesn’t grow very well, try planting runners in these areas.


Trim the hedges making the tops even and get rid of the wild sprigs that poke out on the sides. Prune tree limbs and cut off any branches that touch the roof of the house. Break out the weed eater and edge along the curb, the driveway, along the sidewalks and flowerbeds.

Exterior Surfaces

Rent a pressure washer and completely wash the home, including the roof. This will get rid of mildew and grime as well as any loose paint. It will also reveal problem areas such as termite damage and wood rot. While you have the washer, clean the sidewalks and driveway.


Repaint your house if needed or touch up the rough areas. You may want to consider a nice maintenance-free siding. Louisville siding contractors can help owners pick out a style and color that will make your house pop with character.


Pick out an eye-catching color and give the front door a fresh coat of paint. You might want to do a matching coat on the garage door as well. If the door is held together by duct tape, buy a new door. Front doors with stained or leaded glass add a nice accent to the front entryway. Now that you have repainted or bought a fabulous new door, polish up the old hardware or buy new ones.


Take some time to plant flowers along edges. Use them as borders along curbs, sidewalks, driveways and the front of the home. You can also add some color near the front entryway by planting flowers in pots. If flowers are not your thing, another easy way to spruce up edges is to use rock or brick.


Fix, replace or add a new porch light. Home owners can add a nice street lamp as well. A very nice way to add the element of lighting is to use strings of lights along driveways, sidewalks and flowerbeds. There are many varieties of low voltage lights to choose from, including solar assisted lights.

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