Five Furniture Alternatives for Small Spaces

Five Furniture Alternatives For Small SpacesWhen living in a space that is 500 square feet or less, you understand that space is at a premium. Here we will discuss Contemporary Furniture NYC’s five furniture alternatives to maximize the comfort of your small space. With a little bit of imagination and creativity, it is possible to make a tiny space feel cozy and accommodating all of your daily needs.


1. Sleep on a futon frame that folds into a couch.


The bed is the piece of furniture that takes up the most space by far. However, it is also the piece that only receives use at night. Consider the myriad of futon frames on the market that convert quickly and easily to a couch to relax and watch a movie on or share drinks with friends.



2. Sleep on a folding organic natural latex mattress topper in lieu of a bulky innerspring mattress.


Natural latex mattresses are like heaven for sleeping. Innerspring mattresses with their toxic flame retardant chemicals and inflexible frame are a thing of the past. A 2-inch mattress topper is comfortable enough to sleep on, particularly if you like a firm supportive sleeping surface. It is small enough to roll up and and carry under one arm, making even more space available to convert a tiny space into a dance or movement studio.



3. Combine desk and table surfaces.


Office and eating surfaces blend together comfortably so long as you utilize counter space for serving and don’t need too much desk space. A large table works nicely to serve two purposes. Often, most people only require a laptop or even just a tablet with a detachable keyboard as their mobile office these days, eliminating the space required for a desktop computer. Place the printer and office supply storage on the floor or on a shelving unit below the table.



4. Floor to ceiling shelving makes maximizes floor space.


Shelves are not just for books. Consider installing a shelving unit that rises above your head and is accessible with a stool. Other things to store on shelves and in drawers include clothing and accessories, jewelry, toiletries and pantry items.



5. Consider a love seat instead of a sofa.


A love seat that seats two instead a sofa that seats three is an incredible space saver and far easier to move, especially when navigating stair wells and corners.



Contemporary Furniture NYC is here to offer support in making the best of the smallest living areas.

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