Equipment that you NEED for Moving Day

So you’ve got your moving van, everything is packed up and it is time to haul everything into the moving van. You may have one major problem, most moving truck rentals do not come with all the equipment necessary to move all your items efficiently and safely. A lot of people don’t know that on top of the moving truck, they may need some extra supplies. Many of these supplies you can rent from moving truck rental companies, but if you move often you may want to consider investing in some of these supplies. Here are items that you really need to load a moving truck come moving day:

A Dolly

I cannot emphasize enough how important a dolly is to a move. Yes, we are capable of physically moving every box and heavy item, but it is really not good for your body. When we do all the work of moving just using muscle, we greatly increase the risk of injury. Also, a dolly helps you move heavy items a lot faster than you could otherwise by just picking it up and moving it. For the sake of safety and brevity, I highly recommend having at least a standard dolly for a move.  

An Appliance Dolly 

A regular dolly usually won’t be able to handle heavier appliances like refrigerators, driers, washers, etc.  These are usually the type of dollies that you’ll want to just rent from the moving truck rental company, because they actually can be quite expensive. If you are not using movers, I especially recommend renting an appliance dolly, because it is a  major risk to the people moving the appliance and the appliance itself when two individuals attempt to move these extremely heavy items.


To protect the surfaces of furniture, it is vital to have padding available. Scratches, chips and other damage can easily be done to furniture when items are shifting in the back of moving truck. Pads are not actually that expensive, so you may just want to consider buying them rather than renting them.

Plastic Wrap 

Plastic wrap can mainly be used for two things. One, you can use it to secure the padding onto the furniture. Secondly, you can use it to wrap up clothes, pillows or any other items that you don’t want to get dusty during the move.

Mattress Bag/Covers 

This is a really important one, because no one want to sleep on a bed that has dust, dirt, pests or bugs in it. Getting a mattress bag really is a vital part of the move, and you should get one for every mattress in your home.

Tools to Disassemble Furniture 

Sometimes people forget that they need to take apart furniture before they move it. Make sure that you keep the tools you need around to do this, so that you don’t end up wasting a bunch of time unpacking  a bunch of boxes or making a visit to the local hardware store in order to get the tools that you need.

Bungee Cords and/or Rope 

When we use a moving truck, rope and bungee cords are not always needed, but it can be a wise precaution to have some around. Occasionally items just do not look as secure as they should be when we place them in the back of a moving truck, so it is wise to reinforce the stability of these items by tying them down.


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