Avoid Water Damage: Five Places to Check for Possible Leaks

Picture - Avoid Water DamageWater damage can cause serious problems for you family’s safety, health and happiness. Instead of waiting for leaks to occur, it is better for the homeowner to invest time in looking for leaks on a regular basis to make sure that the home is in good shape. Here are five spots to look for leaks.

1. Under The Faucet

Often, a homeowner will find that many leaks start underneath the faucets in the house. Sometimes, junk is stored underneath faucets, and this can make a leak hard to notice. Dripping water is hard to hear in a crowded cabinet. This could lead to mold, rotting wood, and damage to the items in the cupboard.

2. Under The Toilet

No one likes to look too closely at their toilet, but it can spring several small leaks if it is not properly looked after. Check around and behind your toilet. Even if you have tile or laminate, the wood underneath could rot, causing serious hidden problems. Don’t ignore a small toilet leak, but get it fixed immediately.

3. Under The Tub or Shower

If your shower or tub is on an upper floor, homeowners may find discoloration on the ceiling underneath where a shower or tub is located. Often mistaken for mold, this could easily be a leak from the drain of the tub. This should be taken of immediately as the water could soak through and completely rot the floor/ceiling.

4. Behind The Shower

If your water pressure seems off or the wall around the shower head seems soft or discolored, it is probably a leak. This could lead to mold and rot in the wall. Call a plumber to fix it as soon as possible.

5. Outdoor Spigots

Spigots should be left slightly open so that pipes do not freeze when it gets cold. If the lawn seems unusually wet, spongy or soaking, a sprinkler pipe underneath may be leaking. More than anything this is a waste of water and your utility bills will be astronomically high if left unattended.

The best thing a homeowner can do is fix leaks as soon as they’re noticed. It may feel like a huge financial burden at the time, but remember the money you will save not worrying about rot or mold removal.

Information credited to: Sprinkler Repair Mckinney.

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