Moving in a car can be very convenient for some families. Cars can tow a trailer full of possessions to a new home. Driving a car that is carrying a large amount of extra weight is not always easy. Accidents can occur if the family is not prepared. Five tips will help families to have a safer move when driving to a new home.


Understand How to Drive With Hitches and Trailers

Drivers should take the time to practice driving with a trailer attached before making the move. Inexperienced drivers should avoid moving in reverse, making sharp turns and traveling on unpaved roads with the trailer. All of these actions can cause instability and handling problems while navigating the roads.


Bring Paper Maps

Families who are moving should bring along paper maps of the entire route. Paper maps are important because they will work even if global positioning systems or mobile devices do not. The route should be clearly highlighted from start to finish for easy navigation. Paper maps allow drivers to avoid dangerous or unpaved roads.


Never Block Rear Views or Mirrors

Families who are packing a car full of items for the move should avoid blocking rear windows and mirrors. The driver should be able to see clearly out of the rear window of the car. Families moving with a trailer should extend side mirrors or attach extensions to minimize the size of blind spots around the vehicle.


Replace Worn Tires

The condition of the tires can directly affect safety while moving. Even lightly worn tires should be replaced with a new durable set. This will improve the grip on the road and make towing a trailer much easier. If you’re not sure what kind of tires you need, you can always visit a local shop like SimpleTire and get help choosing the most durable tires for a move. Drivers might also want to purchase one or two spares for the trip for added safety.


Leave Extra Space between Vehicles

Cars loaded with personal possessions or cars towing a trailer take a longer time to stop and turn. Drivers should try to keep extra space between vehicles on the road at all times. Extra space in front will compensate for longer braking times. Extra space to the sides will account for decreased maneuverability when towing a trailer.


Moving to a new home in a car or truck is a simple and direct process. Drivers should always remain aware of what is happening on the roads. If you get tired, stop for a few hours and relax before continuing. Families who consider safety before all else will likely have an accident-free move.