9 Common Moving Mistakes that You NEED to Avoid

In almost every move something is bound to go not exactly as planned. It can be as small as forgetting to make a certain item easily accessible or as huge as breaking that expensive big screen television. We hope that everything in your move does run smooth, but there are certain precautions you can take to help avoid most problems. By avoiding the 9 following moving mistakes you will help guarantee that moving day doesn’t turn into a moving disaster.

1. Hiring Disreputable Movers 

When deciding on what moving company you want to go with, it is vital to spend the time doing research on the company. Google the company, ask for references and thoroughly interview the movers, so you can feel comfortable with your choice.

2. Not Hiring Movers at All 

A lot of people decide that they’d rather save the money and do the move themselves. For some people due to budgetary restrictions this is the only viable option. When you have the option, we highly recommend hiring professional movers. Professional movers know how to move better than the average Joe, because it is what these people do for a living.

3. Not Packing Items Properly 

A lot of the time when we are in a hurry we’ll take short cuts to save us time. In the case of moving this can end in disaster! Anything delicate or breakable should be carefully packed, so that it makes it unscathed and/or unbroken to your new home.

4. Waiting Until the Last Minute 

Rushing to pack everything can result in injury, broken items and forgetting certain things. As soon as you know that you are going to move is a good time to start preparing for your move. Putting off everything until moving day makes moving a stressful too, so give yourself a break by starting to pack and prepare very early on.

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5. Moving During Busy Times 

Moving during rush hour, weekends, or peak moving season means that your move is going to take a lot longer. It can also mean that your movers are going to run behind schedule, so don’t panic if the movers show up a little bit behind schedule!  P.S. The best time to move is in the middle of the winter in the middle of a day on a Wednesday. Of course, we can’t always choose our moving date, but it is something to keep in mind when trying to schedule a move.

6. Being Cheap 

Being cheap when it comes to hiring movers or buying packing supplies can result in too many disasters to mention here. If the price seems too good to be true remember we often get what we pay for.

7. No First-to-Open Boxes 

Prioritizing at least one box to open first is a good idea, so that you can have items you need at hand immediately. What goes into this box or bag is completely up to you, but it is a good idea to have some First-Aid and medical supplies in the box just in case something goes wrong.

8. Injury 

It is very easy to push ourselves to hard come moving day. To help ensure that you don’t hurt yourself during your moving day learn how to properly lift items using your arms and legs- not your back. Also, dress for the occasion wearing sturdy shoes and clothes.

9. Not Getting Rid of Items Before Move 

It is a lot less work to sell, donate and throw away items you no longer use before moving rather than after moving. Every item you remove from your household is one you don’t have to move, so get working on cleansing your house of all the excess junk!

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