7 Foods to Eat on Moving Day

The day you arrive at your home is tiring, exciting and rejuvenating! For some people with all of the stress it can be difficult to even think about food, but for others you may have been famished since moving day began. Either way you are stuck in the difficult predicament of needing food, but unfortunately you are tired and almost everything is in boxes. Here are 10 foods that you can eat that have minimal hassle.


1. Pizza

It is delicious, doesn’t require utensil and is extremely filling. Either go out to the store to buy a cheap frozen pizza, or you can treat yourself to a carryout pizza.

2. PB&J

In a first to open/box bag pack all that you need to make this classic sandwich. It takes very few dishes and minimal preparation, so that you can make it quick and easily at the end of moving day. If you want to make it especially fancy you can have you can pack the toaster in the first to open box too, so that you can toast the bread.

3. Bananas and Almonds

This is an especially good snack for people who don’t like to eat when they get stressed. Since you’ll be doing so much physical work during a move it is vital to get some protein, potassium and other nutrients these two easy snacks provide. Just throw some bananas and almonds in your purse, glove box or a bag, so that you can make yourself eat this snack even if you’re stressed.

4. Cereal

A lot of people have sentimental recollections of eating a bowl of cereal every morning, so that many cereals almost feel like a comfort food. This does require someone either running out to pick up milk, but many convenience stores sell milk for an easy way to get that.

5. Anything Carryout

This is an obvious one, but carryout can be a huge reward after a hard day of working. Research close-by and delicious carry-out options in your neighborhood.

6. Television Dinner

If you are willing to quickly drop a grocery or convenience store this can be an easy one. Also, make sure that you have the microwave or oven setup! Cheap, easy, quick and okay tasting, frozen foods offer something warm after a long day of hard work.

7. Delivery

There is nothing better than having someone actually bring dinner to your doorstep. Research who delivers to your address before moving day, so all you have to do is make the phone call when you are ready to chow down.

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