5 Must-Know Moving Tips on Packing

Moving is a difficult process that requires a lot of time, money and energy, so saving any of three whenever you can is a wise choice. There are some very basic moving tips we can follow to make packing, moving and unpacking infinitely easier, so be sure to use our blog as a resource to help make your move run smoothly. For those of you who only want a small amount of information with the best return in time and energy saved for a move, we created the top 5 must-know moving tips.  Here are five of the most basic packing tips that will make all of the difference in your move. 

1. Start with Storage Areas ASAP 

Closets, the attic, basements and any areas that basically serve as storage should be packed as soon as you know the moving date or sooner. Any items that you know that you don’t use on any regular basis should be boxed and ready to go come moving day, so that you can worry about more important things as moving day approaches. Trust me, you’ll be so glad when you look at these space later and realize that you’ve already dealt with them!

2. Don’t Make Boxes Too Heavy 

When we are packing so many boxes it can easy to stop paying attention to what you are exactly doing, so the law of physics may escape you as you cram each box to maximum capacity. If you fill a huge box with books, you simply are not going to be able to easily lift that box or you’ll throw out your back trying to do so. Save the smaller boxes to pack heavy items to make life a whole lot easier. If you are worried about the weight of the box, lift it up to test if it is too heavy or not. If there seems to be too much stuff in the box, transfer some of the heavier items to a different box.

3. Organize Boxes 

Do not mix different items from different rooms in the same box, because you’ll be making a lot of extra work for yourself later down the road. Also, make sure to label every box with what room and type of items the boxes hold. You’ll thank yourself for taking these simple organizational steps when it comes time to unload and unpack everything into your new home.

4. Make Priority Boxes

There are three main categories of items that you should keep separated from everything else: important paperwork, sentimental items and first to open boxes. Make sure that all of these items do not get mixed in with everything else, because once they are lost in the brambles of moving it can be hard to find them again until everything is all unpacked.

5. Secure Boxes Thoroughly 

Folding the flaps over to close a box is simply not enough to secure a box. Add packing tape over the folds on the top and the bottom to ensure that the box is thoroughly secured.


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