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Setting up as a Mechanic: 3 Cost-saving steps to Boost your Business

While we have yet to see how Brexit will impact on the UK’s economy, there is no doubt that Britain’s SME’s are braced for a period of significant uncertainty. This is likely to manifest itself in two ways, as existing businesses look to consolidate their position while those hoping to establish a venture delay their plans.

The latter may prove to be a false economy, however, as it is likely to become harder as the Brexit fall-out continues and volatility grips the market. With this in mind, those who are keen on starting a modest or relatively low-cost start-up (such as an automotive repair shop or garage) should consider pressing ahead with their plans.


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How to set up as a Mechanic while Saving Money

Even if you do decide to establish yourself as a mechanic, however, there is a pressing need to create a cost-effective business model that can survive challenging economic times. Here are some steps that will help you to achieve this: –

  1. Set-up in a cheap and cost-effective Location

This is perhaps the most important consideration for a start-up mechanic, as the premises that they trade from equates to their most significant overhead. It is therefore wise to consider cheap and creative locations, from small rental units that are available on a rolling lease to self-storage units in industrial complexes.

While there are legal complexities to consider when utilising impermanent structures or self-storage units for commercial purposes, this can drastically reduce costs and enable you to optimise profit from the outset.

  1. Invest in the Right Equipment

No business can launch without investment, but a strategic mind-set can ensure that you commit financially to the relevant areas of your venture. If you are able to save money on your business premises, for example, you can take these funds and use them to invest in a range of durable, relevant and high quality equipment.

Supplier such as SGS sell huge ranges of garage equipment, for example, enabling you to buy everything that you need from a single source. This may offer you an opportunity to save money through bulk purchases, but it certainly enables you to complete a wider range of tasks and offer a more comprehensive service to customers.

  1. Get your Pricing Right

Finally, it is important to realise that every conceivable product, market and demographic is extremely price sensitive at present. The pricing that you apply to your service is therefore crucial, as you strike the balance between maintaining predetermined profit margins and fulfilling market expectations.

To achieve this, consider researching the market in detail and setting your price based on your findings. It is far better to proceed with an informed perspective rather than plucking prices out of the air and alienating your target market.

How to Make Self-Storage Work for your Independent Business

While a recent Financial Times article claimed that British businesses were beginning to fall behind their European counterparts, it is important to put these statistics in context. In fact, the majority of small and independent businesses in Western Europe are relying heavily on borrowing, which means that economic growth may actually be more sustainable in the UK. The climate remains parlous, however, which means that independent owners must think creatively in a bid to maximise their advantages and offset their limitations.

How to Make Self-Storage Work for your Small Business

Take product driven businesses, for example, which must carefully manage their stock levels in order to maintain profitability. This dictates a pressing need for flexible self-storage options, which can be adapted to suit multiple budgets and changeable business circumstances. Consider the following ways in which self-storage can be used to drive your venture forward: –

  • Effectively Manage your Stock Holding: Whenever you own a surplus of stock, it is important to remember that this represents committed capital. This cannot be realised until the stock is sold, meaning that it will have a direct impact on the profit margin of your business. While you should strive to keep your stock holding to a minimum requirement, this is difficult when you have a multiple, fixed storage locations that serve various retail outlets. Flexible and mobile self-storage options help to reduce business costs, however, as are affordable to lease and allow you to manage all of your firms stock within a single unit. In addition to this, having restricted storage will enable you to reduce the amount that you commit into purchasing unnecessary stock.


  • Consider Location and the Shipment of Goods: If you own a single retail outlet or e-commerce store, the need for mobile storage units is less pressing. That said, having a traditional self-storage unit remains critically important for your business, especially when it comes to the internal transfer of goods. Given their abundance and availability, it is relatively easy to secure a self-storage unit that is within close proximity of your business. The type of short-term lease that is available on this type of storage also enables you to minimise business overheads, without forcing you to commit to a lengthy contract that restricts your future growth plans.


  • Guarantee the Safety of your Goods: Once again, it is important to reiterate that purchased stock represents an investment of capital in your business. It is therefore crucial that this is adequately protected, and fixed or mobile self-storage units allow you to assume complete control of your physical business assets. This is primarily because you will have your own lock and key as the owner, and can therefore take responsibility for any duplicates that are made. The majority of proactive service providers such as Access Self Storage also offer security guards and CCTV for a nominal fee, which in turns provides considerable peace of  mind and additional protection for your business.

 About the Author: This post was contributed by Laura, who works as a British based blogger and researcher.

5 Things Your Storage Unit Needs to Have Before You Use It

Storage UnitWhether you’re trying to free up some space from your pad or you’re packing up and moving out, storage units are perfect for holding large quantities of belongings that can’t immediately be stored anywhere else. However, certain storage units are probably going to be better for your particular situation than others. Instead of blindly selecting one and hoping it will be adequate for your particular needs, make sure you use this checklist before signing any storage unit contracts.

Implementing Adequate Security

You will want to make sure that the storage unit is properly protected. Storage facilities are not immune to intruders, so you’ll probably want to rest easy knowing that your stuff is not in danger of being tampered with. Make sure there are locks and security cameras in your unit.


It’s often a good idea to choose a storage unit that’s relatively close to where you live. You can access your things easily, and if something comes up, you won’t have to travel a long distance to the unit.

The Size of the Unit

The size of the unit is also important. Will you be able to store all of your stuff into the allotted space? Group all of your items that need storing together in a room and take measurements. Don’t just guess that a storage unit’s size will suffice for your things. In some cases, it’s often too late when renters find out they’ve got an overly small or large storage unit on their hands.

Considering Temperature Control

Certain types of items will need heating and cooling to keep them in optimum shape whenever you store them. For example, expensive guitars can sustain damage over time if they are exposed to harsh temperatures. Consider speaking with a storage facility representative about an Atlanta heating and air company that heats and cools the unit before signing any papers.

Checking Reviews

Lastly, check online for reviews on the storage facility. If consumers are unhappy, they are extremely likely to get online and tell all. Search for unbiased websites that will give you the skinny on the storage facility in question. Avoid facilities that have received numerous bad reviews or complaints about security, bad business practices, etc.

Overall, you should make sure that the storage facility caters to your specific needs. You don’t want to find yourself bound to a contract that you’re not happy in. Additionally, make sure that you can afford the price quoted in the contract; otherwise, you risk losing your stuff to the company.

The Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Storage Stuff Safe

Homeowners do not always have the space to keep seasonal or extra items around the house. A public storage facility provides the additional room necessary to keep items without cluttering a home. There are five steps to take to make certain that items remain safe while sitting in storage.

1. Packaging

All items in storage need to be physically protected from damage and other factors. This means using the right packaging. All items in storage should be wrapped and kept in a box with newspaper or bubble wrap to fill empty spaces. Plastic wrapping will help to protect items like books and fabrics from moisture that could cause damage. Items in storage should be packed and stored in a way that will resist vibrations or impacts from activities happening outside of the unit.

2. Keep Records

Items in storage will remain safe if records are kept of what is in the unit. This usually means keeping a page in a notebook or a note on a mobile device that lists everything in the unit. Items that are removed should be deleted from the list. Records will always reflect everything that should be in the storage unit. It will also show what items are in the house that need to be protected.

3. Locks

Homeowners in the city who want to protect personal possessions in a house can install a Modesto CA home security system. This same option does not exist for public storage units. The one place where a person can make a different is with the lock that is chosen. Nearly all storage locations allow customers to place a personal lock on a door. The lock that is chosen should open with a key instead of a combination. It should also have anti-theft features to prevent thieves from cutting it off the latch. Locks should be changed regularly if they start to show signs of wear.

4. Report Suspicious Activity

Anyone storing items in a facility should remain aware of anything suspicious that happens. This could mean strangers loitering inside of the property or unknown vehicles that remain in the parking area for days at a time. Other things to look for are broken security systems like access pads or card readers and unexplained damage to the door of a unit. Suspicious or anomalous activity should be reported to the management immediately.

5. Choose the Right Facility

The actual storage facility that is chosen will play the largest role in keeping items safe. A storage business should provide restricted access to the units or lockers. It is also helpful to choose a location that has a live person on the site for some portion of the day. Other security features to look for are cameras and good exterior lighting. Individuals who are leasing a storage unit should switch to another location if security starts to become too lax.

Many of the storage facilities are relatively safe. It is still a good practice to take all necessary precautions in order to prevent theft or damage to personal possessions in your storage and at home with a security system from Vivint South Jordan UT. Taking the time to pack items correctly and maintaining the highest level of security around the unit will ensure that items are safe while in storage.

Find Storage Units Near You with

Finding a storage unit can be a very trying ordeal. Either you spend a huge amount of time doing research online or you spend even more time making phone calls and driving around to various facilities. Thankfully the world is changing to a technical one as there are now companies like that specialize in making this trying ordeal a breeze. is like search engine for storage unit facilities. It works by having storage unit facilities form all across the country submit their information and then they put it in their system for searchers to find. The service is not only simple to use, but it is 100% free for those who are looking for a storage facility.

To use the service all you have to do is log onto and immediately you will see where it says “Zip Code.” Simply type in your zip code or the zip code near where you want to find a storage unit and you are then whisked away to a new page.

On the new page you will see a list of storage unit facilities with all the information you could ask for. You will see photos of the facilities, the names of the facilities, the starting prices for units, any specials the facilities are running, and even see a map above the listings that pinpoints where the facilities are.

Once you find what you are looking for you simply click the green “View” button and you are taken to a new page that contains even more information on that particular facility. You’ll see their phone number, address and more. It really is that simple.

While moving and storing your things can be stressful, finding a storage unit to use doesn’t have to be. Using will have you find the perfect storage unit facility in the area you are looking in no time at all.

Questions to Ask Before You Rent a Storage Unit

If you are in the market for renting a self storage unit, you should find some things out about a self storage unit facility, before you hand over any money to them for rent. By having some quick questions answered, you will be better able to decide which of the many storage unit facilities in your area the best one to choose is.

  1. Hours of Operation: Ask the storage unit facility you are considering what their hours of operation are. You want to be sure that your storage unit will be accessible virtually whenever you need it to be.
  2. Security: Find out what level of security the storage unit facility has. Do they have cameras installed on the premises? Do they have an on-site manager who lives on premises? Do they have a security gate that takes a code in order to gain entry or exit?
  3. Price: Be sure that you are going with a storage unit facility that is adequately priced in accordance with your budget. Also, be sure that all the fees are up front and that there are no hidden fees that will bite you later on.
  4. Accommodations: Does the storage unit facility you are considering have outside units, inside units, or both? Are some of those units climate controlled? What are the different sizes of the various storage units on the premises?
  5. Commitment: Will the storage unit facility you are considering require a contract? There are many that will not, so be sure you are not getting into a year long contract if you will only need the storage unit for a few months.

These are basic questions that need to be answered and the only way that will happen is if you ask them. By finding out about the storage unit facility you are considering up font, you can save yourself a lot of time, aggravation, and money down the road.