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5 Ways to Save on Long Distance Relocation

Every time you move things are a little bit different. When you left home for college, everything you needed probably fit in the back of a station wagon. When you rented your first apartment you probably received a bunch of hand me down furniture and got everything else you needed from yard sales and Craigslist. But by the time you’ve got a home and a family, the scope and complication of your move is exponentially increased. If you’re about to embark on a long distance relocation, that complexity is even more striking. How do you effectively pack everything and get your entire family and your belongings to your new home in one piece, when that new home is hundreds or even thousands of miles away? Most people get through it simply by throwing money at the problem, but money isn’t exactly flowing these days. So here are five ways you can save on long distance relocation.Read More »5 Ways to Save on Long Distance Relocation