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What to Keep, What to Store, What to Chuck and More

Eliminating clutter is an important and necessary whether you’re moving, remodeling or just realize that you need to get rid of the clutter. The problem is, many people have trouble deciding what to keep, what’s actually valuable, and what’s just plain trash. If you’re one of said individuals, it’s probably a good idea to get someone with an objective opinion to help you out and be rational. Not only will you get some extra space in your home, but it is also a great way to find inventory for a garage sale, to donate, or to be sold online.

Helpful Techniques

Now, I know the decision making process for reducing clutter can be difficult, but here are a few helpful techniques to move the process along swiftly and smoothly. Remain standing when organizing clutter, if one sits down, one tends to dwell on items, get distracted, or grow tired and call it quits. Each item should be analyzed using a three-second rule, because if it’s truly of value or trash, it should take no longer than three seconds to determine what pile to put an item in. This will encourage the decision making process and ensure the operation moves swiftly. There should be a separate category for items that a decision can’t be made about, so revisit this category after every item has been looked over, that way, you will feel like you’re on a roll, and you don’t want to stop now, because you’re havin’ such a good time. You might be surprised by how quickly decision making will come to you by that point, so keep that blood flowing and your hands moving.

What To Do When Everything is Organized

Items that are not being kept can go into one of three categories; one category is for items of value that can be sold online or at a yard sale, another category is for items that can be donated, and finally, the rest should be thrown out with the garbage. If you’re then faces with a sub-category of items you’re unsure whether or not are of value, a quick eBay search can determine that for you. Large items like furniture should always be sold in person at a garage sale or have an ad placed in a local paper, it would be impractical to ship something so large. Clean articles of clothing are always great items to donate, but just be sure that everything is donated the day it’s sorted, otherwise you might find yourself going through the items again, and try to tell yourself that you want to keep them after all. Finally, everything left should be thrown away, and again, thrown away in the same day. No dumpster diving allowed.

There are some items that will be kept even though they are used very little, like holiday decorations or your baby’s first onezie, these items are given a thumbs up to keep, but if you have several onezies, choose one, and get rid of the rest. Be rational, you can do it! Organizing all of these nostalgic items is necessary and can be fun, just don’t get too emotionally involved, keep your eyes on the prize. When everything is sorted, and what is trash is in the trash, start deciding what items that are being kept can be packed safely away in boxes and stored in a storage unit, for instance, storage units in Huntington Beach. These items should be revisited every 3-6 months to ensure everything is totally necessary.

After you’ve cut down on the clutter, take a look at your home. Look what you accomplished. Do you not relish in the feeling of relief knowing that you did an awesome job? If you have young children, they should also be encouraged to go through their belongings, this ensures healthy habits for years to come.

Author Bio

Mike has been a freelance writer for a number of years, but one of his true passions is home-improvement. Mike is currently promoting self storage in Bloomington CA, and wants to wish everyone a stress-free and easy de-cluttering.

Storage Options in Denver, Colorado

Do you need storage in Denver?  There are many great resources available to help you find a storage facility that meets your needs and your budget.  In fact, many Denver residents find their self storage solution using directories like Easy Storage Search.  This directory can help you find storage in Denver using their easy to navigate pages that allow you to filter your search using items like location and state.

Information at Your Fingertips

One of the most important parts of choosing self storage facilities in Denver is finding a facility that meets you specific needs.  If you don’t know what you are doing, this process can take a lot time and is quite exhausting.  Easy Storage Search is the perfect solution.  They gather the important information about the facilities and pricing so that you can select a great storage center without spending hours researching.

Easy Storage Search allows you to customize your self storage search using a variety of different variables including location, zip code and more.  Once you have started the search you will be provided with a wealth of information including websites, availability and specific rental information.  This makes your search easy as you can customize the information to your specific needs and desires.  With Easy Storage Search, you will quickly find a great storage unit at a price you can actually afford.

Great Storage Choice in Denver

•    Denver Storage Solutions– This great storage company is often the go to choice for self storage in Denver.  They pair together many amenities only found in expensive units with rock bottom pricing for a delightful and affordable storage solution.  Denver Storage Solutions offers drive up access, a forklift, 24 hour access and loading and unloading docks for your convenience.  Their unique pricing scheme ensures that you will only pay for what you need, never more.  Their convenient location is only a few minutes from the heart of downtown making Denver Storage Solutions a great choice for anyone.  If you want luxury storage at bargain prices call Denver Storage Solutions today.

•    Denver Self Storage- One of the great features of Denver Self Storage is the on site professional management. This makes it easy to get the answers you need.  Plus, accessible management ensures that your stuff is safe and protected.  They offer top notch service at low prices.  Denver Self Storage will never charge you any administrative fees.

•    12 Broadway Self Storage– 12 Broadway Self Storage is a great choice for any storage needs.  If you find that you need more room for your business or that your home is bursting at the seams, turn to 12 Broadway for delightful service and convenient storage options.  You can rest assured that you stuff is safe in one of their seven sizes of air conditioned units.  They are also a great depot for your shipping and business needs with an on site post office and other valuable services for a busy business.  If quality matters turn to 12 Broadway Self Storage for your business or personal needs.

As you can easily see, there are many great options for self storage in Denver.  As you mull over potential choices make sure you choose one that is convenient and easy to access.  Nothing is more frustrating than having to run clear across town every time you need something from your storage unit.  Choose a convenient location to get the most out of your storage company in Denver.

Denver Self Storage Units

There are many options for you when you need a self storage facility in Denver.  One of the best ways to locate the best Denver self storage option for you is to use a directory such as Easy Storage Search, an exhaustive information bank of self storage facilities searchable by state, which can be one of the most helpful choices for you in finding the Denver self storage unit that will most fit your needs.

Searching for Self Storage Options in Denver

Choose your options. Searching for a Denver storage facility that offers the specific services you need can require quite a bit of time and energy.  Easy Storage Search has consolidated all of the information you need to make an educated decision about which Denver self storage facility both fits within your budget and provides you with all the advantages you require.

Easy Storage Search provides you with convenient search options such as city of choice and/or zip code.  This allows your search for Denver self storage options to be as specific or as general as you wish.  Each search result listing provides you with information ranging from general to specific such as general website and facility information, contact information, availability of units and precise location of the self storage facility in relation to your actual location in Denver.

Top-Notch Denver Self Storage Facilities. Denver Storage Solutions can be the ideal answer for the needs of small companies looking for Denver self storage options because of its warehouse-like amenities paired with single-storage unit prices.  For example, not only does Denver Storage Solutions provide drive-in access, a loading dock, a forklift and 24-hour services, but you will never pay for more space than you actually require.  Not only is Denver Storage Solutions conveniently located only a few minutes away from downtown, but the hospitable staff is happy to assist you with any special needs you might have or to provide you with free shipping and receiving services.  Denver Storage Solutions is the crème de la crème when it comes to Denver self storage options.

Denver Self Storage is another self storage option in Denver that brings itself to the forefront with its high quality services, low prices and no administrative fees.  Not only does Denver Self Storage offer a moving truck with an available driver, but there is also a professional management team right on site to provide you with customer service in an industry that has a history of being only self-service.  With this Denver self storage facility, you can rest assured that your service expectations will be both met and exceeded.

Whether you are a small business owner or simply have “too much stuff” but can’t bring yourself to part with it, 12 Broadway Self Storage could be the best Denver self storage option for you.  Not only does 12 Broadway offer seven different sizes of climate-controlled units, but it also has a full service on-site post office as well as many other convenient business services.  12 Broadway Self Storage is one of the highest quality self storage options in Denver.

Go for convenience. The interactive Google map of Denver self storage facilities available on Easy Storage Search allows you to choose the absolute closest storage facility to your home or business. And the last thing you want from a self storage facility is a hassle, so choose one that’s easy to get to.

Find Denver self storage now.