Are you looking for an affordable self storage solution that’s intuitive and user-friendly? If so, then the Tredd self storage software may be a good option. Unlike most other products in the market, the company doesn’t charge monthly or annual licensing fee. It is priced at $495 and the one-year Maintenance Plan which includes unlimited updates, unlimited support of the backup server, and technical support costs $249. It is also possible to purchase a single upgrade which is priced at $99.

Tredd makes the task of setting up the system easy for users. After purchasing the software, the building graphics are already provided and your business information entered. The billing cycle is also set; basically, all you have to do is install to software in begin. Some of the functionalities you can expect include ability accept payments from customers, view comprehensive reports, print letters, and add customers. Managing a self storage facility has become a lot easier.

The company has stayed updated with the latest trends in the industry. In fact, some would even consider it to be trailblazer. Its expanded gate now interfaces with the Falcon, SysCon/DigiGate, and PTI Falcon systems. Clients who don’t have a merchant account would also be able to process payments through PayPal. Your customers won’t know that you’re using the online payment method because Tredd’s software will process their credit card. Aside from the above benefits, there are many other features that would recommend the Tredd self storage software. These are:

•    Point and click system – moving around the interface is quick, convenient, and requires limited technical knowledge.
•    Easy database sorting – if you sort out your customers by typing in their first name, last name, unit ID (for property managers), and even phone number
•    Internet archiving – your data can be archived and secured with a few clicks. Tredd’s has a backup server that compresses your database and encrypts it for security. This process protects your database against computer crashes.
•    Zip code lookup – this feature comes in handy when you’re inputting customer information
•    Ability to accept partial and full payments – you can also waive a late fee with just a few clicks
•    26 comprehensive reports – some of the reports that can be viewed include deposit, income, status list, late list, etc. Customized reports can also be created.
•    Ease of editing/deleting – there are some software that makes it difficult to change or delete information that has been entered. Tredd recognizes that it is important to be able to quickly edit the data.

The features above are definitely something to think about. It can help make your firm a lot of productive and efficient. In addition, Tredd’s self storage software can work on any almost any kind of computer that runs on Microsoft Windows. So if you’re interested in this product, there’s no need to invest additional amounts in hardware. Given all these, it is not surprising that an increasing number of companies are choosing Tredd SS software as their self storage facility of choice.