Quikstor Software Review

The Quikstor self storage software is one of the top names in the industry. It boasts of easy-to-use interface that can run as a single or multiple storage facility. The latter is possible through the SmartClient application. There are many things that make Quikstor self storage stand out from all the rest. The company actually introduced some of the most important “firsts” in the industry. For example, it was the original company to offer a Windows-based management program.

With 25 years of history under its belt, there is no doubt that Quikstor self storage software is reputable, reliable, and effective; it delivers on client expectations. Its experience cannot be underestimated especially in a sector that is rife with change and new entrants to the market. Among the things that can be integrated in the Quikstor self storage facility are video security, access control, wireless door alarms, closed circuit television, management software, and 3D site graphics.

The company was founded by Dennis Levitt back in 1987. He combined his programming expertise with his experience as a manager and builder to create sophisticated management software. Within a short period, it has expanded to become a provider of gate access controls. The company’s culture of innovation is evident in its state-of-the art technology and investment in research and development.

Quikstor also has some downsides. For example, the self storage software has limited ability to integrate other modular applications. As a result, its market is mainly focused on organizations with onsite facilities. But the company makes up for it in other ways. Some of the latest initiatives associated with Quikstor include the SmartClient and Guardian series. Let’s take a closer look at these:

•    Guardian Series – this access control system is one of the most modern in the market today. The company offers seven-year warranty for this product. Another notable aspect of the Guardian series is that it contains modular options. You can customize the system according to your organizational requirements.

•    SmartClient – it essentially works as an enterprise software. The SmartClient is actually conceptualized as a hybrid between the traditional desktop system and web-based solutions. Other types of enterprise systems require the user to be on site. With the SmartClient though, they can be anywhere – at home, work, or in a call center. The tool keeps constant synchronization while you’re working. Even when there’s no internet connection, you can continue working; the data will be updated once you get the connection.

There is definitely no doubt about the product quality of Quikstor. The company has earned its reputation as a premium provider of self storage software. Its years of operation have proven that the firm has the necessary facilities to meet and exceed client expectations.

Another notable aspect about Quikstor is the level of customer service it provides. If you encounter a problem or if you just have a query, it is possible to communicate with one of their technical support staff in real time. Just visit their website to get immediate help.

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