Portable Storage Containers Reviews and Rates

Portable Storage Units – Rates for Storage

Portable Storage Co.SizeCost/MonthDelivery ChargeReview
pods 12x8x8 (768 cubic ft)$149$72.45Industry leading company with more locations and more options than any other. Also offer a 16 foot unit. PODS Reviews
upack 8x5x7.5 ( 300 cubic ft)$125$75Fast, reliable and offers tremendous value for the money. UPack ReloCube review
1800packrat 12x8x8 (768 cubic ft)$94$79100% satisfaction guarantee. Units are secure, all-steel and weather-proof. Also offer a 16 foot unit. 1-800-Packrat Reviews
gominis 12x8x8 (768 cubic ft)$125$60Patented containers are the best constructed, most convenient. Also offer 16 and 20 foot units. Go Mini's Reviews
ubox 8x5x7.5 ( 300 cubic ft)$269.95 1st month ($69.95 each additional month)$90Pack at your own schedule. Reserve what you need and pay for only what you use. UBox Reviews
smartbox 8x5x7 ( 280 cubic ft)$65$107Smaller, more affordable storage units. Smartbox Reviews
*Data based on reservation made in Denver. Costs vary based on location and other factors.

Portable Storage Units – Rates for Moving

Portable Storage Co.SizeSample Moving Quote*NotesReview
pods logo 16x8x8 (1024 cubic ft)$1,506.49 *using promo code R101Includes delivery at both locations, all transit charges, $10,000 contents protection, 30 days use.Industry leading company with more locations and more options than any other. Also offer a 16 foot unit. PODS Reviews
8x5x7.5 (300 cubic ft)1 container - $1157
3 containers - $1865
Includes door to door service, all taxes, and fuelNo deposit required. Pay for only what you use. UPack review
16x8x8 (1024 cubic ft)$1943Includes delivery at both locations, all transit charges, 20 blankets, $10,000 contents100% satisfaction guarantee. Units are secure, all-steel and weather-proof. Also offer a 16 foot unit. 1-800-Packrat Reviews
8x5x7.5 (300 cubic ft)1 container - $1217
3 containers - $2481
Includes delivery at both locations, transportation fees, and one month storage. This quote is for truck delivery of Ubox. Cheaper option: self pick-up with a trailer.Pack at your own schedule. Reserve what you need and pay for only what you use. UBox Reviews
8x5x7 (280 cubic ft)1 container - $1339Includes delivery at both locations,transit charges,30 days use.Smaller, more affordable storage units. Smartbox Reviews
*Data based on quotes for move from Denver to Chicago. Costs vary based on location, current gas prices and other factors.

More people are wondering how to choose a moving pod company because there are a lot of more options available today than just a few years ago.  Additionally, as more of these companies hit the market, there is also a growing number of unique differences between what each of them has to offer.  This means that choosing the right one takes a little more thought than it used to.  While everyone has different needs, making the right decision is still based on the same basic factors.  Here is a quick look at how to choose a moving container that will best fit your needs and your budget.

The first thing that you need to do is decide how much space you will need to store everything.  It doesn’t matter what additional services are offered if a company can’t provide you with the amount of storage space that you need.  In some cases, you may need to rent several portable storage units, which can alter which company actually provides you with the best deals.  Once you know how much space you will need, it will be much easier to compare prices.

When comparing prices, there are a few variables that can affect how much you will end up paying.  Obviously, the size of the storage container plays a large role. However there are also additional fees that you may encounter.  You can rent moving units by the day, week, or even the month.  There could also be fees based upon how often you need to access your portable storage.  When comparing the price, it is important to get a total price for what you will be using and ignore the advertised price because there are normally some additional requirements that you will need to meet in order to get them.  You also need to make sure that the total price not only includes the rental fee, but any additional fees that may be added.

Once you have found a few potential candidates that can meet your needs, it is time to do some specific side-by-side comparisons.  This is where you can use your preferences as opposed to your needs to make the final decision.  A growing concern is safety and security, so you may want to pay special attention to what the moving pods are made out of as well as how securely they are stored.  Another issue is financial protection.  Who will cover any damage to the storage unit or to your personal belongings?  Every company has their own policies and procedures, so it is important to consider how important these types of variables are to you.  Other issues like available drop off and pick up dates should be considered as well.

A Review of Portable Moving Units Companies

In the end, the process of choosing a portable storage company can be broken down into two phases.  The first is identifying your specific needs, such as the price you can afford to pay and the size of unit that you will need.  Once you have a list of potential candidates, the second phase is to consider your personal preferences and differences between companies.  This is where you should consider things like financial protection as well as the security of your unit.

Portable Moving Units – A New Way to Move

If you are planning on moving, whether it is around the block or around the world, you need to look into portable moving units. Moving containers are changing the way people are moving. Moving is exhausting enough, just having to put everything on the truck in one day is enough to wear you out. With portable moving containers you can load and unload at your own pace.

Portable storage units are a great alternative to renting a moving truck. Storage units are delivered right to your front door. You can take your time and pack it at your convenience. No more rushing to load the waiting truck, or to beat the deadline to get the rental truck back. You can take your time and carefully load your items into the moving unit to ensure safe transport. Rushing to get a truck loaded can lead to poorly securing your items, therefore risking those items being damaged during the move. You can take days to load it if you want to. When the container is full and ready to be moved, simply call the company to come and pick it up. Wherever you are moving to, they will drive it to your new home. If you’re not quite ready to move into the new home, they will store it for you in one of their storage facilities.

In addition to moving, portable units are great to use if you are renovating your home. During major renovations you need to empty out the rooms that you are renovating. Moving heavy furniture from room to room to remove it from the room you are currently working in, takes valuable time and can be back breaking. By using a portable storage container you can move it out and store it safely on your property while you are doing the renovating. No more clutter to move around while trying to paint or lay new flooring. When the renovating is finished, simply bring the furniture back in and call the company to pick up the empty container.

There are many companies that are now offering portable moving containers as part of their moving services. Some of the companies currently offering units for moving and storing your items are PODS®, Pack Rat®, Door To Door®, ABF® and SmartBoxUSA®.

PODS began in 1998 providing PODS moving and storage containers as an alternative to typical moving trucks. PODS containers are made with a steel frame with aluminum panels. The top of the PODS storage unit is made of a translucent polymer material to allow light in. They are completely weather resistant. PODS will bring the container to you, store it for you or move it for you. They do not offer packing services, but can recommend companies for you to use. You need to contact PODS to receive a free quote. Be sure to mention our promotional code to save 5% off the cost. Pricing is based on the distance between the moving locations. They offer local and long distance moving as well as PODS storage container rentals.

Pack Rat
1-800-Pack-Rat moving and storage offers long distance and local moving. They are currently available in 62 markets nationwide. Their all-steel portable storage units are one of the securest on the market. Their long distance plans include a move coordinator, and protection plan and blankets and locks to assist in your packing. They offer a 100% guarantee. Pack Rat delivers the storage container to your door, and you can pack at your convenience or they will pack and load the unit for you.

The pricing for Pack Rat is based on several factors. The cost differs depending on the distance and amount of stops between the two locations. Pack Rat is currently matching the PODS pricing. Pack Rat will also store your portable storage unit in their secure warehouse.

Smart Box USA
Smart Box began in 2002 offering moving and storage. The first locations were in the Virginia area, and then they quickly began to grow and are currently providing moving services in over 65 markets. Smart Box USA offers everything you need for your next move. Whether business or residential, smart box can supply you with all the packing supplies needed for you to pack up or store your items. Smart Box USA also has packing services available, so you don’t have to do the work.

If you are planning a move or renovation project, be sure to inquire about moving containers reviews and rates. They will make your move easier and less stressful. And the best part is you can pack and load the portable moving containers at your convenience.