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door to door review Door to Door Storage is a company that was founded in Washington State in 1996 by Tim Riley. Riley previously worked for Shurgard Storage Centers but elected to branch out on his own with his first business. He came up with the ‘You pack it up. We pick it up’ tag line that is now synonymous with the company. Door to Door grew quickly and within seven years it had reached the top 500 list of fastest growing companies in America. The company operates by giving customers a storage unit which they load. The company then arrives at a designated time and brings the goods to their storage facilities. A container is designed to fit the goods of one room in the home. The company also allows customers between 1-7 days to pack their possessions.

A number of storage companies hit the news for the wrong reasons as consumers complain bitterly about rude drivers and incompetent service which involves the losing or breaking of possessions. Dozens of customer reviews suggest that Door to Door is not one of these poorly operated companies. Everything about this company screams out professionalism from their customer service to their drivers.

One of the most notable things about Door to Door is their customer service. A number of moving companies seem to think that it is somehow unnecessary and this absolutely infuriates customers. It makes it appear as if they don’t really care about their customers and from previous moving company reviews, one wonders if it isn’t the case. Thankfully, Door to Door know exactly how to treat a customer. When you ring one of their offices, you receive a prompt answer from a human being within a short space of time. The phone staff are courteous, polite, helpful and efficient. They are great at altering moving dates to suit your schedule which is greatly appreciated.

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In terms of price, Door to Door are considerably cheaper than the likes of UBox and PODS. The average cost of shipping all the possessions in a home across the United States is $1,500. Clearly, this charge will be much lower if your journey is shorter. Expect to pay between $60-70 a month per storage container if you elect to keep your possessions in one of their secure units. The drivers are generally punctual and a high percentage of customers said that their possessions made the trip without incident.

Door to Door is not perfect of course and there are a few minor issues. For example, consumers report that the company’s crates can get damp so you are advised to store clothes and linens in a secure plastic bag to protect them. Also, you need a permit to allow the Door to Door truck to park outside the house. The company helps you get these permits but the additional cost is a real pain.

Overall, Door to Door is definitely one of the better storage/moving companies. They genuinely value customers and make a real effort to make the moving experience as painless as possible. It would be fantastic if they would clean the containers a bit better but this is only a minor issue in the grand scheme of things.

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