4 Ideas To Make More Space Without Having To Change Locations

Stressed Young Man on Moving Swamped with BoxesMany businesses face the problem of limited space. Growing over the years often requires making room for new employees, new equipment or new products. Changing locations is not always a viable option. The reality is that some businesses have extra space that is just not being utilized correctly. Four ideas will help businesses to make more space without having to change locations.


4. Vertical Storage


One way to make more space is to take advantage of vertical storage options. Vertical storage normally consists of shelves that go up the walls of a room and occupy space above employees that is normally unused. It can run all the way to the ceiling depending on building codes. This allows a much larger area for the storage of equipment or files. The main drawback is that access the highest levels usually requires a ladder or set of mobile steps. This makes vertical storage difficult to use when storing items that must be handled every day.


3. Deep Racking Systems


Warehouse racking systems are freestanding units designed to conserve space in tight areas. Pushback and gravity flow racking systems use angled adjustable shelves to store any size items from file boxes to consumer products. The angled shelves maximize the amount of space available. They also automatically refill a location once an item is taken off the rack. These can help businesses that need to store many different types of items in a limited space.


2. Modular or Mobile Furniture


Another idea to create more space is to use modular or mobile furniture. Modular furniture is made from different components that can be attached and detached as needed. This allows workstations to occupy the smallest space possible while still accommodating the needs of employees. Mobile furniture creates space because it can be kept in storage or an out-of-the-way area while it is not in use. Rolling carts, desks and workstations will make extra space because they do not need to occupy a dedicated area all day long. Modular and mobile furniture have the added advantage of allowing a business to rearrange the layout of an entire area with very little effort.


1. Raised Flooring


One of the best ways to make more space is to install raised flooring. Raised flooring creates a mezzanine or elevated level above the existing space. Raised flooring solutions can double the amount of floor space available with minimal disruption. It also has several benefits such as better access control and the ability to hold heavy equipment. Raised flooring allows a business to expand without changing locations.

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