How to Use Self-Storage When Moving Abroad

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When the moment of relocation comes, hundreds of thoughts come to your mind, and there’s never enough time to complete everything. However, one of the top most time-consuming processes is packing. You should place all your stuff in the boxes and suitcases and transport them safely to the new home. This is particularly complicated if you are dealing with moving abroad. Having a storage unit at the moment of your relocation can make things much more manageable. It provides extra time to work out other relocation issues while transporting your stuff part by part instead of all at once. So, there will be no breaking any deadlines. Above all, that is an excellent way to keep your belongings safe and sound. Here is how to use self-storage when moving abroad.

1 Cleaning and decluttering

The financial point of moving abroad can be pretty concerning. This is one of the undertakings that will affect the budget considerably. However, there is always a way to cut some costs. Shipping your stuff is one of them. The less you take with you, the less you will have to pay. So, get yourself a storage unit and start cleaning your home and removing the clutter.

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There are numerous good sides to decluttering. First, you will remove the useless items you forgot about long ago. That will make the packing process more straightforward, and your shipping will cost you less. Finally, when it’s all done, your home will be clean and ready for the open house or any other visits of the potential buyers. With a storage unit at your disposal, you won’t have to rush making decisions on what you would like to keep, what to donate, or throw away. All you need to do is to concentrate so that your long-distance move goes well. And, if you are moving to Luxembourg from the US and seeking some assistance, you should rely on professional help and hire international movers.

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2 Choose the suitable storage unit

The first things you need to decide up here are the size of the storage unit and its location. There is no need to pay for a large unit if you are about to store only a few boxes there. On the other hand, if you are downsizing, you’ll need more storage space for the extra items you can’t bring.

The question of location is also crucial since you should have the ultimate access to the unit so you can bring in and take out your stuff whenever you want.

Finally, there comes the question of the specific conditions the storage unit should have. By this, we mainly mean climate-controlled storage units. Some items as books, documents, antiques, or equipment, should be preserved with extra care and at the appropriate temperature.

3 Master the packing and storing process- how to use self-storage when moving abroad

However, the crucial thing you’ll need to deal with after choosing the most suitable storage unit is packing. Get all the packing material, find the right boxes, and start on time. Make sure you disassemble all the bulky furnishing items that you can. That way, once your belongings reach the self-storage, they can be properly placed to occupy the least space possible. If you are about to store clothes or shoes, protect them with vacuum bags or sturdy boxes. Finally, all that is fragile or breakable should be folded in a lot of wrapping paper or bubble wrap and put on a flat surface in your storage unit.

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4 Never be late with the payments

While professionals are taking care of your move, you should ensure you have completed all the payments concerning the storage unit on time. Experts from Transparent International NYC advise that it is never good to be late with the payment, but in the case of renting a storage unit paying on time is even more crucial. So if you ask us how to use self-storage when moving abroad, we say rule number one- never forget the paying rules.

5 The security system is important

Since you want all your stored belongings to be safe and sound while abroad, taking care of security is essential. Nowadays, many self-storage units come with video surveillance and some extra safe with special locks. On the other hand, if you come across some cheaper options, those are probably traditional self-storage units with lower security measures.

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Therefore, if your financial situation allows you to have a unit with a camera, do not hesitate. Never underestimate the importance of security since you can never know what can happen.

6 Always get insured

Last but not least, there comes the question of insurance. Even if you do not consider security systems a vital segment, you should still consider insuring your things. Moreover, some severe and experienced storage renting companies even say it’s a must. Once you get a piece of paper that your belongings are legally safe, both sides are protected. You from potential burglary, floods, or fire, and the storage unit from inconvenient situations. And, even though that will affect your moving budget, this extra cost pays off.

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Moving out of your home and going far away means leaving something behind. However, if you are not ready to give up some of your belongings, there may be a way to save them. Storage units are an excellent solution for many different issues in the relocation process. With our little guide on how to use self-storage when moving abroad, you’ll have all the necessary information in one place.

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