A Guide for Planning Your House Move

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Are you planning on relocating soon? Packing up and moving can be exciting, whether across town or country. Starting over can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking at the same time. As you prepare to transition out of your current home and begin this new adventure, numerous tasks will need to be accomplished. From scheduling movers to notifying others about a change of address notifications, details can easily slip through the cracks during such a chaotic time. This guide will ease your anxiety and ensure no detail gets missed as you embark on this huge transition.

Why having a moving checklist is essential

Moving can be an exhausting, taxing process, but having a moving checklist could simplify the whole experience. Make no mistake. Having a list of everything to do and pack can make all the difference between an organized and disorganized move. By planning ahead and creating an actionable list, you can avoid last-minute rushes or unexpected surprises that arise on move day.

Not only can creating a moving checklist help keep you organized, but it will also ensure nothing falls through the cracks during your move. So, if you are planning an impending relocation, create an extensive moving checklist to ease the transition and reduce stress levels during this life-altering experience.

Start with a plan

Moving can be an intimidating experience, but it doesn’t need to be. The key is starting with a plan. Establishing a timeline for your move can help keep the process organized and reduce stress levels. Begin by outlining key tasks. Packing and scheduling the moving company are key examples. Then, assign specific deadlines so as not to lose track. No matter the distance of your relocation journey or just across town, having a timeline in place will ease the transition to your new home more smoothly.

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It’s essential to declutter before packing and moving into a new home. No sense in bringing unnecessary items with you. If the idea of decluttering seems daunting, start small by starting with one room at a time. Create three piles for keep, donate and toss items within it and set a timer for 30 minutes and see how much progress can be made. Another tip would be to ask if something has been used within the last year. If not, let it go, as less is more and the simpler packing/moving will be. Happy decluttering.

Investigate moving companies

First and foremost is reputation. Take note of any reviews or testimonials from satisfied customers of each potential moving company you research. You should also research experience, pricing, and services offered at aggregation sites like Shiply. Are they experienced with long-distance or international moves, competitively priced services that include packing or storage solutions, etc? When considering these factors when researching potential moving companies, you will ultimately select one that meets all your requirements for an easy transition and successful move experience.

Do not forget the essentials

After the hectic and daunting moving day experience, arriving at your new home should feel like a breath of relief. Yet, there is one crucial task remaining. Prepping for your first night. While it might be tempting to just crash into bed immediately and deal with unpacking later, taking time out to gather essential items can make a difference and ensure you feel more at home in your new space. From bedding and toiletries to snacks and entertainment. Everything at your fingertips will help ensure a more relaxing and pleasant transition into a new space.

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