Find Moving Labor

Are you looking for professional moving help to help you during your move? can help provide a moving labor service for people and businesses. Professional moving labor services offer loading & unloading of your rental truck, storage Pod, or full service move. Nationwide moving labor crew will greatly ease the burden of moving.

What Type of Moving Labor Is Available?

Moving can be one of the most stressful days of year for many people. Some people try to rely on friends and family, but sometimes that just isn’t an option. This is especially true if you are under a time restriction of some sort. Maybe you thought that you could handle it on your own, only to discover that you are floating in sea of boxes with now land in sight. Whatever the reason, there are a number of different types of moving labor that you can take advantage of.

1.    Do It All Labor
There are moving companies that will literally do everything for you. They will pack your home, load it, move it, unload it, and even unpack it. If you can afford it, this type of moving labor will save you days if not weeks of moving. Not only does it save time, but a lot of stress as well. They will handle the entire moving process from beginning to end. Most of the time, these services will give you an estimate in the form of a flat-fee, while others will bill you per hour. One thing to keep in mind is that if you use this type of service, they will literally pack everything, which means that you might spend a lot more on packing supplies that you otherwise would.

2.    Moving Helpers
Moving helpers are the people who will load and/or unload everything for you. When using this type of moving labor, you will probably be charged a minimum fee, which normally covers two to three hours of work. Once this time is up, you will be charged a flat rate for every additional hour. Sometimes, these companies will charge more per hour and include an extra helper or two. Choosing the right combination of rate per hour and number of helpers can be difficult, however from personal experience 3 helpers is the perfect number. It allows two people to focus on heavier objects that may require more than one person, while the third person will get all of those boxes taken care of.

3.    Temporary Agencies/Day Labor
This is not an option that is available everywhere, but in larger areas, you may be able to hire a day laborer to do handle the loading and unloading for you. While this will often be the cheapest option, you will often be hiring people who have never helped anyone move before and may not be happy with the results.

It doesn’t matter what kind of service you are looking for, there is always a solution to your problem in the form of moving labor. While temporary agencies and day laborers are an option, the most common two services that are used are the professional, do-it-all, moving companies and the moving helpers, which normally deal with the loading and unloading only. It doesn’t matter why you need or want help moving, finding a solution doesn’t have to be difficult. Plus, when you hire one of these services, you will find that moving from one place to another is not nearly as stressful as it once was.