Moving Box Prices

CompanyCost/box (3 -3.5cu ft)Shipping CostCouponsReview
UPack$2.45Free$10 off $100+UPack has professional moving supplies, affordable prices and free shipping right to your door.
Used Cardboard Boxes$3.17
sold in packs of 12
Free shippingEarth friendly. They "rescue" boxes that big companies just throw away or recycle.
sold in packs of 15
Free shippingFREE $25.00 gift card plus Save 15% - Use Coupon Code: ECORESTFactory direct. Build your own kit from various sizes of boxes.
Moving Day Boxes$3.13
sold in packs of 12
Free shipping on orders over $15 (orders under $15 have $8 flat rate shipping)Nobody sells cheaper boxes - or it's free. Will buy back unused boxes. Made in USA.
sold individually
if 20+, price drops to $2.07
Free shipping if over $25
Can pick up in local stores.

Making the Most of Your Moving Boxes

Many people don’t realize it, but choosing the right selection of quality moving boxes can have a large influence over how the entire moving process flows. There are a large number of different strategies that people use when packing and unpacking throughout the moving process, however some have proven to be more effective than others. Here are some hints, tips, and tricks to help you make the most out of your moving boxes.

1. Don’t Scrounge
A common way to get boxes before your move is to go around to local businesses and use the boxes that they received their product in. This is especially common for people in the hospitality industry because there is always food, drink, and supplies being unpacked on a weekly basis. The problem with this strategy is that the boxes simply were not made to last for a long time. Additionally, they tend to sustain damage during their original use, which can make them very unreliable. Finally, they are often a poor size for a large-scale move. While it may not bother you to pack everything into smaller boxes, you will notice a huge difference when it comes to loading and unloading.

2. Variety of Sizes
When you purchase high quality moving boxes for your next move, it is important to get a variety of sizes. This will help eliminate wasted space. There is nothing worse than having a huge box only half full, because it is loaded with heavy books. Instead, make sure that you have some smaller boxes to load your heavier items into. The same is true for fragile items. You don’t want to pack all of your dishes into two giant boxes because they aren’t going to survive the move.

3. Label
It is important to always label your boxes. While this seems obvious, it is important to include the right information on your labels. You should include not only what room it goes to when it is unloaded, but also a general description of what is inside. This will prove especially useful the first day or two before everything is unpacked. There is some debate over whether you should just use a marker or actually buy labels, however I don’t see any problem with just using a pen.

4. Filler
There are a lot of different types of packing materials that can be used when you move. Some people use only bubble wrap, however adding some additional filler is always a good idea. Newspapers are time tested as an excellent filler. You don’t necessarily have to save up your newspapers for year, you can also grab an unlimited amount of “free resource papers” such as employment and housing guides. This filler is important because the number one reason that items break during the move is because of the vibration inside the moving truck. The last thing you want is all of your plates clinking together as your drive to your new home.

By using high quality moving boxes (which can be re-used several times before they start to break down), in a variety of sizes, that are properly labeled, and include enough filler, your move is much more likely to be successful. An unfortunate truth is that something will probably break during your move, however if you use your moving boxes correctly, there is a much better chance that everything will survive the move intact.