Move Out Cleaning

Finding the right house cleaning service for you and your family is much easier then it use to be thanks to the internet, but the internet is not the only place to find a great move out cleaning service. If you are one of the thousands of people looking for a cleaning service right now and are not sure how to find the best company for you and your family make sure you read the following:

What Do Move Out Cleaning Services Do?

In order for people to get their security deposit back, they need to make sure that they are leaving the apartment in the best condition possible. There are a number of items that cannot be deducted from your security deposit as they are considered to be “normal wear”, however if you don’t clean your apartment upon moving out, your security deposit is definitely at risk. To solve this problem, many people are turning to move-out cleaning services. These services not only give your apartment a quick clean, but also a deep cleaning to ensure that it is left in great shape. Even so, many people still don’t understand exactly what these cleaning services really do. Here is an overview of what they do and how it affects your security deposit.

1. Living Areas and Bedrooms. Some of the common things that can end up affecting your security deposit are taken care of by move-out cleaning services. For example, they will clean your baseboards, mop wood or tile areas, and clean the windows. While this may not seem incredibly important, this type of deep cleaning is essential to ensure that you do not lose some of your security deposit for “build up”. While dust may be considered normal wear, dust combined with moisture can set into wood or walls. This “gunk” is not considered normal wear and must be taken care of.

2. Bathrooms. Just like with the living areas, some dirt as well as some soap scum are considered to be normal wear. But the thing about soap scum is that there really isn’t a way to determine how much is too much. A move-out cleaning service will make sure that everything is free of regular buildup including your toilet, tub, shower, and walls. Another common problem that is not considered normal wear is when cabinet doors get a little sticky and a good cleaning can take care of this.

3. Kitchens. Kitchens are normally one of the primary places that you will get a deduction from your security deposit. You need to make sure that your oven gets cleaned out and your fridge/freezer gets defrosted and cleaned. However, these two areas are often overlooked. A move-out cleaning service will treat home odors and make sure that your oven, fridge, freezer, and sinks are completely cleaned. They will also make sure that problem area such as under your sink, baseboards, microwaves, drip pans, and oven hoods are taken care of.

As you can see, there are a lot of different benefits that you can gain from using a move-out cleaning service. While it is true that you can easily do all of this cleaning yourself, many people either don’t have time or don’t know what needs to be cleaned. By using professional move-out cleaning services, you will ensure that you will get the maximum amount of your deposit back. The best part is that these types of services save both time and money.

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