PODS Promo Code: Coupon for Moving & Storage Discounts

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We’ve offered our exclusive 5% off PODS coupon to our visitors since 2008. Since that time we’ve saved our visitors many hundreds of thousands of dollars. And the coupon is really easy to use. Just call 866-767-PODS and mention code WEBSAVE6 when you reserve your unit. Or if you prefer to book online, use the same code and you’ll save 5% off your first month of storage rental or 5% off the cost of long-distance moves.

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Amount Saved By Using Our PODS Promo Code

Here’s some examples of real customer savings using the promo code listed above:

Demetrius rented a 16′ PODS Container to move his family of four from Phoenix to Tulsa. The cost of his PODS unit would have been $179.99/mo without promo code, but with it his cost was $171/mo. 

David reserved a PODS storage unit to store his stuff while his home was being remodeled. His cost for a 12′ container was quoted at $149.99/mo, but when he entered the coupon his cost dropped to $142.50 per month.

PODS has locations in 47 states, including Hawaii. Find your state at https://www.pods.com/locations.


98% of our website visitors have said this PODS deal has saved them money. If it works for you, please share it on Facebook and Twitter.

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