Budget Truck Rental Coupon

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Moving can be stressful and when you rent a truck and move yourself, the stress level rises even more.  Budget Truck helps take the stress out of moving.  Not all truck rental companies are the same, Budget Truck’s value and ease will help take some of the stress out of your move. And with a Budget truck rental coupon, they become an even smarter choice for your next move.

They boast three points that make Budget the better choice:

1.    Select your own pick-up and drop off locations
2.    Accurate sizing of trucks
3.    Rent a GPS to avoid traffic or getting lost

Select your own pick-up and drop off locations
With some of the competition, you don’t know where you’ll pick up your moving truck until the night before.  And even worse, there’s no guarantee the pickup location will be convenient to you.  With Budget Truck, you select your pick up and drop off locations at the time of your reservation.  Knowing when and where you will get your truck helps take the stress out of moving day.

Accurate sizing of trucks
If you rent a 24 foot truck from Uhaul, you really only get 20 feet of floor to ceiling space, a small overhang over the cab is the additional 4 feet.  With Budget a 24 foot truck means 24 feet of floor to ceiling space.  Budget designs their trucks to have as much open room as possible making them easy to use and convenient.

Rent a GPS to avoid traffic or getting lost
So you have the truck all packed and ready to move, but combine the stress of driving a 24 foot truck and going to a new place can be stressful.  Many times when moving to a new area, you only know one way to get there.  If traffic is backed up, you may not know another way to get to your destination.  Budget offer GPS rentals at $11.95 per day.  The GPS can alert you to traffic, calculate a truck route or alternate route, and even let you know what restaurants or gas stations are along the way.  Why this is handy on a local move, the benefits multiple when moving long distance.

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