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Finding a larger space to securely store your car, boat, or RV can be a challenge, especially in dense metro areas. That’s why we created the storage space finder tool on this page. Just enter the size space you need and click ‘Find Storage’. Then compare the sizes and costs of boat and RV storage near you.

6 Things You Need to Know about Boat and RV Storage

Boats and recreational vehicles (RVs) are two of the most important investments many people may make during their life. People who love to travel or spend time “off the grid” opt to own one of these so they can explore the country and see the world outside their hometown. While the experience can be great and bring a lot of joy, boat and RV owners who only use them part-time need somewhere to store them when they are not traveling or sailing off to somewhere fun. Read on for six critical things you need to know about boat and RV storage today. 

1. Where to Store Your Boat or RV

First and foremost, you may want to store your boat or RV at a facility near your home so you can visit it often and make sure everything is how it’s supposed to in terms of the condition of the vehicle. Indoor storage will normally cost more than outdoor storage, but the security and the avoidance of weather disasters and other environmental problems is worth it to many people. Most indoor facilities are climate-controlled, which can work to prevent mold and mildew, especially in humid climates. 

Many storage facilities, however, do not have storage units large enough for a boat or RV and therefore only offer outdoor storage, which may be covered or uncovered. If your storage spot for your boat or RV happens to be outside, you most definitely want to get an all-weather cover for it. Many are available on the market, but it is best to get one that is specially made for the specific size and model of your vehicle. Covers offer ventilation that protects moisture from getting stuck in between the cover material and your vehicle and can also be protected from wind damage as long as it is fitted enough. 

Regardless, it is best to look into several different storage facilities in your area and compare prices before making a decision. 

2. Clean It Before Storage

When you’re ready to take a hiatus from using your boat or RV, you should always thoroughly clean it before storing it. This includes, of course, both the interior and exterior. The exterior of your boat may have foreign substances like mud, bird droppings, or leaves that can cause corrosion and rust, which are two things you definitely don’t want. Inspect the boat or RV thoroughly for cracks or any other damage that could allow water in, as leaks and water damage are some of the most costly repairs. 

Cleaning the interior is important, too, as you may have items that have collected viruses, bacteria and other issues that could cause you problems in the long run. You’ll certainly have eaten while in your boat or RV, so running a vacuum throughout should be one of your first cleaning steps. Cleaning solutions should be applied to non-porous surfaces to kill off foreign agents that have gathered. Of course, clean out the refrigerator and let it air out for a while before storage. Also make sure to turn off and unplug all of your electronics. 

3. Maintain the Water System (if applicable) Before Storage

RV owners who store their RVs during the winters are well aware that frozen water lines can cause a massive headache and be very problematic. Residual fluid in the pipes and tanks, including water, can freeze and cause them to burst, much like the pipes in a house. To avoid this, you should always drain the water system and make sure it is dried out before storage. Also, you can purchase antifreeze that you can use to treat your RV with to prevent water system issues. 

4. Take Steps to Avoid Unwanted Critters Before Storage

Pests and other wildlife can undoubtedly destroy a boat or RV while it is in storage. Owners sometimes return to their boat or RV and find that animals and/or insects have intruded on it, which includes everything from small insects like roaches to larger animals like mice and squirrels. These creatures can not only build nests, lay eggs, and reproduce, but they can also chew on electric wires and scratch through other hardware pieces. You should inspect the boat or RV to look for small openings where critters can enter, make sure windows are closed, and cover vents when possible. While you are cleaning the boat or RV, you should also spray insecticides and place insect and mouse traps throughout the vehicle. 

5. Check Those Tires Before Storage

For RVs and trailers carrying towable boats, make sure the tires are maintained properly. You should make sure your tire pressure is at a good place in each tire before storing because if deflated tires sit idle for a long time, it can render them undriveable when you are finally able to take them out on the road again. You can also consider buying specialized trailer/RV tire covers to protect your tires even further. 

6. Keep Your Insurance

One last important thing to note is that if possible, you shouldn’t cancel the insurance on your boat or RV just because it is in storage. If you’re storing your vehicle outside, there is always a risk of sudden inclement weather such as hail or strong winds that could knock a tree onto your vehicle or cause some other “freak” incident. Even if your boat is stored inside, there is still a chance it could get damaged by pests or it could even get stolen despite security measures. Also, in the long run, you may end up paying more for insurance if you temporarily cancel it – many insurance companies don’t like gaps in coverage. 

Store Your Boat or RV Properly and You’re All Set!

Ultimately, as long as you take care of your boat or RV before storing it and make sure it is in a secure spot, it will be ready to go next time you want to escape on another excursion. To find a storage lot for your boat or RV near you, use the search form above!