Why Rent Self-Storage When Moving in with Your Partner

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If you and your partner have been living in separate apartments for quite some time now, it’s only natural to start thinking of the moving-in-together possibility. Even if you haven’t dated for a long time, you both might feel this is the right next step. If so, congratulations! However, the relocation and moving-in processes can be complicated if not appropriately planned. To make it easier on you, we’ve created a list of reasons why you should rent self-storage when moving in with your partner. Bear with us to discover why this moving-in hack will make your joint life much easier. 

The reasons you should rent self-storage when moving in with your partner

There is something special about starting a life with your partner. The planning, the butterflies, the excitement, you name it, everything’s going on both in your hearts and heads!

However, you both might be surprised there are a lot of things you didn’t know about each other until you’ve actually lived together. That’s why it’s essential to plan for what lies ahead and make your new home your freedom and your love nest.

We talked to the professionals behind peasleyboisemovers.com and learned that you should do a couple of crucial things ahead of time to ensure a smooth start to your life together. These are:

  • schedule the relocation date with a trustworthy moving company,
  • make a list of what you’re both bringing to your new home and where it will fit,
  • find a self-storage unit if you both have a lot of possessions,
  • make sure you make room for something of your own, like a hobby, little gym, painting corner, or similar.

By following the advice above, you’ll have crucial things ticked off before you even start your life together. You’ll ensure you have items you love and care for with you or safely stored, and you’ll have an isolation plan when you feel the need to be alone with your thoughts or do what you love.

Nevertheless, to ensure you have the space to achieve this, let’s dig deeper into why renting self-storage when moving in with your partner will benefit your life together. 

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Your new home will be clutter-free

When you and your significant other move to a single place, you will probably realize you have too many belongings. This isn’t bad, but it will interfere with keeping your home organized.

You might not have enough room in your new house with your joint possessions. This is where renting a self-storage unit will come in extra handy.

If this is your case, you might feel tempted to shove things you don’t need at the moment but don’t quite want to get rid of in your garage. But, again, having a crammed garage will make it lose its function. So, it will again leave you having a packed and disorganized place you frequently need.

Considering the reasons above, we can confidently say storage units are better than your garage for storing your belongings.

You’ll have easy access to your belongings

If you research a little bit, you’ll see there’s probably a self-storage unit nearby. People have started to realize the importance and necessity of storage units, which led many entrepreneurs to start self-storage businesses.

Furthermore, as much as each individual is different, so are his possessions. That’s why storage units are the right place to keep all kinds of things, from your important documents, and antiquities, to your precious book collections.

Thus, if you open google maps, you’re bound to find a couple of different self-storage companies. However, you’ll start seeing the advantages once you find the right one. 

It’s an affordable and safe option

If you or your partner thought you could keep all of your personal belongings, from University notes to furniture, you’d probably end up in a scenario similar to this:

  • You’ll either feel the need to fight when deciding what should stay or go;
  • You’ll find it challenging to determine what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw away;
  • You might look for a larger apartment to fit your and your partner’s possessions.

If for some reason, you decide on option no.3, you should be prepared for the high cost you’ll be paying to live in a large apartment that can accommodate your stuff. Or, if you wish to avoid the extra cost, you can look up a self-storage near you.

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You’ll have space for your oasis

Even if you’re starting a life together with your partner, this doesn’t have to mean your alone time should disappear. On the contrary, this is an aspect that many couples neglect once they start living together, but they end up losing a self of identity later on.

Therefore, to avoid these problems, it would be best to help yourselves and your future joint life in advance. You can achieve this by renting a self-storage unit. This will ensure your new place has enough room for your and your partner’s hobbies to simply your little nook. 

It will help you compromise

Finally, renting a self-storage unit when moving in with your partner might help you improve your relationship. Having this option in your life, you’ll need to decide later on what other things you’ll be storing. Additionally, you’ll need to decide what belongings you’ll be storing, gifting, or tossing over time.

All of these experiences might sound like ordinary things. However, for those who find it difficult to part with their belongings, this is crucial in maintaining a healthy relationship. 

Final thoughts on why you should rent self-storage when moving in with your partner

These are the reasons why you should rent self-storage when moving in with your partner. Numerous people have decided to take this step, as it makes their everyday living easier. So, no matter if you have large items to store or your seasonal clothes, you’ll always be able to find storage near you. This is crucial to ensuring your joint life starts nice and fresh!

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