Where College Students Can Store Items over Summer and Winter Break

Over the course of a single semester at college, it’s shockingly easy to build up a large amount of personal property, and vacations can make storage quite complicated. You may have to clear out your dorm at the end of the academic year to make room for the next tenant, or you might just want to store some of your more valuable belongings when you go on vacation for the winter. Whatever the situation may be, you can often find yourself faced with quite a task. Moving all of your belongings back home, only to move them back to school next year, is not the ideal arrangement for many students.

This becomes especially problematic for students going to school far from home, and leads to what many people call College Christmas. Students at schools all over the country sell lots of their items at heavily discounted prices, and throw away what they can’t sell. Everything from furniture to electronics gets wasted. A better option is personal storage, which can be found in many different places. For example, you may have friends living in apartments or houses near campus who can offer storage in their closets or basements. Just make sure to keep track of where your belongings end up, and you’ll be able to retrieve them when you return to school.

Some students, of course, will require a more secure solution, and others might simply need more space than they can ask a friend to sacrifice. In cases like this, your best option is often a personal storage locker. Check listings for storage facilities near your college campus–there are sure to be plenty of options to choose from, as this is not an uncommon problem. Your personal storage space will usually come with a monthly fee, but they will also come with the freedom to store as much as you want and the security of lock and key.

An increasingly popular option for students today is a service called College Boxes, which caters specifically to the needs of college students. This company offers many flexible options for both storage and shipping. You can rent a portable storage container if there is a possibility of moving over the course of your break, or you can have your belongings stored in a secure space for the summer. College Boxes also offers the option of shipping your stored belongings to your home or any location world wide, which is especially beneficial for students living or studying abroad.

Whether you’re dwelling in an off-campus housing arrangement while studying in a UC online program or bunking in a dorm while you attend lectures for the semester, these are all great options for your storage needs when summer and winter breaks come around. Don’t waste money by getting rid of your belongings now, only to buy everything again in the next academic year. Finding an adequate storage solution will save you money and give you the security you need for your valuable personal items.

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