Where Can You Put Your PODS Container? Is Street or Grass Placement Ok?

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Moving is never easy. Though it can be an exciting time, it can also be a stressful time. There is so much to organize, between wrapping up things at your old home and making arrangements to settle smoothly into your new home. Organizing piles of what to keep, what to throw away, and how to get everything packed safely and efficiently is difficult.

One way to ease the burdens of moving is to forego a moving van that needs to be packed quickly and driven yourself. Choose a portable PODS container. Pack when you’re ready. Store what you need and let someone else do the driving.

What are PODS?

PODS are one of the most convenient and affordable ways to move. PODS stands for “portable on demand storage”. PODS containers are similar to commercial shipping containers but smaller, for personal use. You can keep on your property and arrange for delivery when you’re ready. PODS are a convenient alternative to traditional storage units. Instead of moving your belongings into a storage facility and then transporting to a new destination, only to have to unpack once again, PODS can be packed at your home and then transported to a PODS storage facility and redelivered when you’re ready. No unnecessary packing and unpacking.

With several options from which to choose, you can get as much or as little help with your move as you want. PODS come in three different sizes, small, medium, and large, depending on your needs. The PODS container is delivered to your home where you can pack it as quickly or as leisurely as you wish. When you’re ready, the PODS team will come back, pick up your container.

Still not sure if PODS are right for you? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding PODS.

Can I place my PODS on the street in front of my home?

Sometimes. The rules and regulations for PODS storage vary by town and state. Many municipalities require permits to place a PODS container in the street so it’s best to call your local authorities. Often you can get permits to store your container but be sure to have all the necessary documentation as your driver will need it before placing your container.

If you live in a neighborhood or condo with a homeowner’s association, you should also check with them to see if there are any restrictions on placing your PODS container. Again, if documentation or permits are necessary, be sure to have copies ready and available for your driver.

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Where is the best place to keep PODS on my property?

Your PODS container should be placed on a paved, level surface. If you have an unpaved area, such as gravel, grass, stones, or shells, you may be able to keep your container there if only for a short time, otherwise it may damage your lawn. Also be sure your PODS placement will be free of obstructions like retaining walls, sprinkler heads, or lawn ornaments. Speak to a PODS professional to discuss.

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If your driveway is on an incline, you want to be sure it’s not too steep. If you can leave your car door open on the incline, you should be able to successfully keep your PODS container there. Again, discuss with a customer service representative prior to scheduling to ensure a smooth delivery.

How big of a space do I need to place a PODS container?

Although PODS containers come in three sizes, you should aim to clear a path 12 ft. wide, 15 ft. high, and 40 ft. long. This will give the delivery truck enough space to maneuver and safely place your container. It is roughly the size of two parking spaces and will give you adequate space to move your belongings in and out of the container.

Can I place a PODS unit on grass?

Yes PODS can be placed on grass if you don’t mind your grass being killed. But if you store the PODS for just for a few days, the grass underneath should be fine.

Are there any weather or seasonal restrictions I should be aware of?

During the winter months when snow and ice can be a factor, take extra care in determining where to place your PODS container. The recommended 12 ft. wide, 15 ft. high, and 40 ft (two parking spaces) space must be clear from major obstructions including snow and ice. If you are planning to place your PODS container in the street during these months, there may be additional permits needed from your local authorities as plows and snow removal will still need to take place.

How long can I keep PODS on my property?

You can keep a PODS container on your property for as long as you need. If you are hoping to place your PODS container on non-paved surface, keep in mind the longer it sits, the greater the chance it could cause damage to your lawn or yard.

What if I need more containers but do not have the space?

With PODS’s easy and convenient scheduling, you can stagger delivery and pick-ups of multiple containers. When you are done packing one container and it’s been moved to a storage center, the next one will be delivered.

What is the best way to secure my PODS container?

You must lock your container with a padlock. Drivers cannot pick up any PODS container unless it is secured with a Padlock that is 1 ¾” or a 2 ¾” (70mm) Disc Lock. Be sure to get a strong, weather-proof, cut-proof lock made just for storage units like this Master lock.

How do I schedule pick-up and delivery of my PODS container when I am done packing?

You can call one of their customer service representatives or login to your PODS account to schedule a pick-up. A driver will come and load your container onto their truck and deliver it to a storage facility or your new location.  The process is easy and designed to work around your schedule and needs.

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Delivery dates are subject to availability so schedule earlier rather than later to avoid conflicts.

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Do I need to be home for a PODS delivery or pick up?

You do not need to be home and can leave special instructions for your driver as necessary. However, it’s always best to arrange a time to be present (if possible) as it can alleviate any potential miscommunication. You can also help remove unforeseen obstructions.

Are there restrictions on what I can load in a PODS container?

Yes. You cannot store any kind of hazardous, toxic, or illegal items in your PODS container. While containers can and should be kept locked, PODS cannot be strictly monitored. Therefore, you should not leave any highly valuable or irreplaceable belongings like expensive jewelry, furniture, or family heirlooms stored in your container.

You cannot use PODS as a shelter for humans or pets and you can neither store nor ship a car in your PODS container.

Is there any kind of shelving or divided space in a PODS container?

PODS are completely open and free of any kind of obstruction, including shelving or dividers.

Are PODS waterproof?

PODS containers are weather resistant and will protect your belongings against typical rain or snowfall.

Are PODS climate controlled?

PODS containers are not climate controlled and should not be used to store highly valuable items, perishable items, or any other item that can be damaged by extreme temperatures or humidity.

However, if you have delicate or valuable items you need to store, opt for a climate-controlled indoor storage facility. Different storage facilities offer different kinds of climate control. Some may only guarantee “ventilation” but not humidity or temperature control.  

Take as much hassle and frustration as you can out of moving by opting of a convenient and affordable PODS storage container. Ditch the cumbersome moving vans that require quick pack up and stressful driving conditions. Instead, opt for a PODS container so you can pack at your own pace, save time, and be sure all your belongings are stored or delivered safely and effectively.

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