What to Know When You Are Moving

Moving can be a fun adventure, especially if you are moving to another state. The idea of a new home is enough to make you want to start packing your things right now. Once you have located the perfect home, you will need to start planning everything out. Depending on how large your home is, you may need up to a month or two to get everything packed and ready to go. Whether you are moving cross country or just down the road, these tops and coupons will help you make the most of your move.

Schedule Your Move at the Right Time

One thing you will want to do is schedule your move at a tie that is convenient for the whole family. Maybe your kids are off for a week or two during the year or maybe you want to move during the summer time. Timing makes all of the difference and it is definitely easier to move when you have extra hands and do not have to worry about returning to school or work immediately the next day.

Pack Now, Not Later

Once you have decided you are going to move, start by packing the items that you are not using. If you know you will be moving in 1 month, leave enough clothes out for that time and pack the rest up. If you have appliances or toys that you and your family do not use, pack them up. This will help ease you into the process and you will not be overwhelmed when it comes time to pack everything else.

The more you can manage with out and pack now, the less you will have to worry about when it is time to move.

Minimize Your Things

This is the time to start minimizing the belongings that you have. While you want to pack things you do not use, you want to toss out anything that you know you will never use or cannot use for later.

For example: If you have a stack of clothes that you used to wear but haven’t been able to wear for 3 years, do not pack them and do not keep them. Toss them. This will help you free up space.

The best part about minimizing your things? You can buy more and you do not need to worry about packing and unpacking these unnecessary items.

Moving Companies

If you have not considered it yet, decide whether or not you are going to be doing the moving yourself or if you plan on hiring movers.

moving company can save you the pain that may come along with lifting heavy furniture. You also will not have to worry about loading/unloading/carrying/or driving a large truck. The company handles all of this for you.

If you do plan on using a moving company, you will want to shop around and gather some price quotes. Each moving company will offer different prices and some of them may even have coupons that you can use towards your purchase.

If you are moving your own things and you are not hiring a moving company, you will need a rental truck or Pods unit. You can score good deals on these in many cases.


You cannot forget the boxes and you will never have enough of them. Boxes are helpful when you are moving because once you are done using them, you can toss them out. You are also able to write on the boxes to help facilitate the move and unpacking.

When it comes to getting boxes, you have a few different options. You can purchase boxes from any local big box chain or storage facility. You can also go to grocery stores and other stores in search of boxes. Many companies toss out their boxes after they have received a shipment and this means they are up for grabs.

You can find coupons to help you save on boxes as well. View the example below:


Mail Forwarding

One thing you want to remember to do is set your mail up to be forwarded to your new address. Some people forget to do this and this means your mail is still being received at your previous address. You do not want to risk personal information being sent to your old address and getting into the wrong hands.

You can easily change your mailing address by going to the post office and filling out the information. You can also change your address online but it will cost you $1.00 to verify you are who you say you are.

You can choose which day you want the mail to start forwarding as well.

Prepare Your Children

If you have children, you will want to prepare them for the move. This can be a hard time in their life if you are moving to another state or even just a different area. You will want to make the move and transition as comfortable as possible for them.


If you have animals, make sure you figure out how you are moving them with you. If you are going on a short move, you will find taking them with is a breeze. If you are moving out of town, you will need to consider how you plan to feed them, give them water, and let them use the bathroom.

Food in Your Fridge

Before you leave, make sure to empty out any food in your refrigerator. If you forget about it, you may leave a large mess for someone else. Any food left over by the time you move should be tossed. Trying to transport it around with you is just not feasible.


One of the last major things to consider when you are moving is how you plan on handling your utilities; gas, water, power, etc.

You will need to call each of these companies and let them know you are planning on moving. You can transfer your service to your new address. Make sure you choose a date when you will be at the home for the turn on.

You need to prepare beforehand for the utilities because you may need to pay a deposit fee.

Moving can be a very fun process but it can also be very stressful. To minimize the stress that you feel, you will want to start preparing and planning for this move well in advance. The sooner you plan, the less there will be to do when you actually move. There are many services out there that can help you from moving companies to truck rentals and packing services. The types of services you want to use will depend on your exact needs.

Remember to pack only the things you need. If you pack more, then you will need to unpack these as well and you may not even have a place for them in your new home. It is important to make sure you have everything in order before you leave and then take time to say goodbye to your home. Come move day, you will be on your way to a new adventure and new memories with the whole family.

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