What to Expect When Hiring a Man and Van Service

If you ask friends and family about man and van services you may find you get a mixture of responses and maybe some horror stories. This is because, as with any service, if you choose a shoddy service you get a shoddy service. Before explaining what you should expect from a good service it is best to explain briefly how to choose a decent man and van service.

You will see man and van services advertised online and your local papers as just a title and a mobile number. Unless you know the person advertising or someone that has used this service it is best to avoid them. Instead look to your friends for recommendations and local directories as well as online for reputable man and van services. Make sure the service you choose seems professional, a good website and communication across more than just a mobile number is always a good sign. Don’t worry though; it is normal for the main contact number to be a mobile number as the person taking the bookings is often the person driving the van as well.

Once you are settled on a professional man and van service it is good to be clued up on what you should expect from them. A man and van service is similar to hiring a van yourself, except the man and van service takes the responsibility of the transportation of your items so that you don’t have to worry.

Most man and van services will have insurance to cover the contents of their van during transit. If you are unsure if this is available from the service you choose make sure you ask. If it isn’t, then you should ring your contents insurer to make sure it covers your belongings during the move.

Man and van services are an affordable option for small local moves but they can get expensive if you end up doing more than one trip. To make sure you and your van man know exactly what it expected from them on the day, be honest with them about how much stuff you have to transport. That way none of you get a nasty surprise if the job turned out to be bigger than expected.

On the day your van man service should arrive at the expected time, but do remember that during peak times they may well get delayed in traffic.  They will then load your items in to their van, making sure to spread the weight and pack it so that the boxes do not move around during transportation. They will then set off to your destination and unload them for you at your new address allowing you to start unpacking as soon as you are ready.

It is best to remember than a man and van service is not the same as a removal company. There is only so much space within with van for your belongings. As long as you explain to them the amount of items you have to be transported, where to and at what time, you should have a smooth and professional experience. However you have to remember that you are booked in to your man and van services busy schedule so they will have other jobs before and after you. Because of this you should be aware that they may well be delayed getting to you and that they can’t stay and help you for more hours than those booked. As long as you understand of the size and time constraints of this type of service then there should be no reason to be unhappy with the service you receive.

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